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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cocks Together.. :)


Varsity Soccer Roommates Mutual JO

Varsity Soccer Roommates Mutual Jerk Off 

Hello readers, fans and supporters! I have received numerous emails from blog readers/fans and I love hearing from you all. There was one reader who happens to live in the same city as me – we exchanged emails and he wanted to help me write a post, just for the joy of it. So we met up at a coffee shop and wrote this together. Its about 50-50 in terms of contribution. Its on the longer side, but I think that you will enjoy the details!!!!

I’m about to start my freshman year in college and I decided that I want to try out for the college soccer team. I have a huge chance of making the team because I’ve been playing rep soccer since I was 9 years old. My buddy Pete and I started playing rep soccer at the same time. We always related to our mutual love and dedication for the team sport. We love the physical demands of the game, the mental game-strategy, and most of all, the awesome friendships that we made in the club. In all my years playing soccer Pete’s been my best friend the whole time, which is why I am psyched that he and I are going to be roommates this year.
All the guys trying out for the varsity team got to move into the dorms the last week of August, which is where Pete and I lucked out and got to scope the nooks and crannies of our living quarters for the next 8 months. I love soccer, but I’m hoping that I can make the team so that I can finally get some attention from the girls. I mean Pete and I are not ugly… but we’ve never had luck with the ladies in high school. When we were just 9 we were both scrawny little boys who could sprint fast and had so-so ball control. Today, 10 years later, we are tall, fit and skilled with ball handling. I am a few inches shorter than Pete’s towering 6’1″; but our features are strikingly different. We’re both caucasian: I have dirty blonde, wavy hair, green eyes and a slight tan with seasonal sun freckles on my nose and cheeks. Comparatively, Pete has short dark hair framing his dark eyes with a sharply defined jawline and rugged features. You could say that I have a muscular boyish-jock look, where Pete had the mysterious rough look – which I think is why he has slightly better luck with the ladies. 
Finally, its friday. After a long and exhausting week of tryouts, Pete and I are ecstatic to see that we both made the team. Its been such a hot summer that we’ve been sweating so much. The other guys who made the team are planning to grab some drinks to celebrate with the senior team members (the guys from last year).
“Want to go celebrate with the other guys?” Pete asks. “After all, we have the weekend off training before in-season practice begins on Monday.”
“Yea for sure bud!” I reply.
Four hours later, $60 short and drunk, Pete and I wobble back to our room. Since its 35 degrees Celsius, humid, no AC in our dorm and we’re shit-faced drunk I just took off my clothes, got completely naked and collapsed in a heap on my bed. Pete followed suit as he crashed onto his bed directly opposite of mine. Neither of us minded the nudity in our drunk state since we’ve seen each other naked before, it’s just been restricted to the soccer locker room.
I don’t remember falling asleep, but I woke at 5 a.m. I’m not sure why I woke so early… perhaps it was habit from the early morning tryout sessions, but once I was awake I noticed that I had to piss really bad. As I sat up I noticed Pete’s morning wood flopped up against his lower abs and treasure trail. My own morning wood got harder when I saw Pete laying there naked with a boner. I didn’t know why and felt confused. My heart raced and my breathing quickened – but I calmed myself down, “Its simply morning wood and I’ve been pent up for a week” I told himself. 
I yawned, got up and made my way to our shared bathroom by the door. It wasn’t until I got to the toilet that I realized my morning boner was still here – pointing straight at the wall. Not wanting to make a huge mess, I punched my thigh where I had a big bruise from a dive I took in tryouts. The sharp, sudden pain softened me up enough to take a leak.
As I was relieving myself I was trying to remember the events of last night. The boys seem like a good group – all cool guys. Tyler and Ben, two team seniors, are upper years in the same program as me and offered to share their old textbooks and notes. My mind wandered back to Pete’s morning wood. Not sure why… maybe I was just intrigued, since I’ve never really seen another guy’s boner before, well except in porn. I got a bit harder again thinking about his cock, which confused me, because I figured I’d be turned off by that. I brushed it off uneasily, shook my now semi-hard dick, flushed, washed my hands and grabbed a gatorade from the mini-fridge on my way to my bed.
As I head back to my bed, I notice that Pete’s awake. I might have waken him up when I went to the bathroom. He looks over at me and I guess notices my morning wood because a second later in a groggy morning voice Pete says, “Yo James, you been wanking in the bathroom?” followed by a chuckle. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to reply – my best friend not only looked directly at my hard cock… I froze.
Pete got up and grabbed a bottle of water from our mini-fridge, with his own wood pointing the way; I tried not to look, but I kept glancing. Pete seemed to not notice his morning wood until after he had chugged half the water bottle, then he looked down, laughed and said “Sorry bud! I just realized I’ve got morning wood too! It’s been a long week though if you catch my drift” and winked at me with his casual signature Pete smirk – the one that the ladies melt over.  
I laughed it off. We both returned to bed and slept in til noon. The rest of the weekend we hung around our room and relaxed in our boxer-briefs. I couldn’t help but notice that Pete was purposefully showering with the door open, brushing his teeth naked, and getting changed openly in the room. 
On monday morning I asked “Dude, whats up with all the nudity?”
Pete replied, “Bro, its been so hot that I need to stay naked as long as possible to stay cool. What’s the big deal anyway, James? Not like we haven’t showered together after soccer practice.”
“You’re right man.” I couldn’t argue with that.
Later that week after another sweltering practice the team made off to the showers, joking and laughing as the imitated each other’s failed ball handling drills. I peeled off my sweaty jersey, dropped my shorts and took off my drenched jock-strap, hanging it all on a hook to air out while I showered. No one liked to rush in the locker room, practice started at 5:30 a.m. and was over by 7:00 a.m. and since classes didn’t start until 8:30 a.m. there was no rush unless you had a test to cram for. Besides, there are only two places that we, as a team, have to ourselves: the field and the locker room. Both are exclusive environments for our inside jokes, secret gameplay strategies and overall goof-ball-ness that only young adults with too much testosterone can muster.
I headed to the showers, still a little sore from the intense varsity level training. Once I got my shower head to a nice hot flow Pete shows up beside me, and I noticed his dick flopping between his legs, reminding me of his morning wood. I quickly looked away, but I couldn’t stop the hard-on from coming.
To late. Pete noticed and said loudly “No need to salute me James! I’m not the team captain!” to which the other guys all looked over and responded with howls of laughter. I quickly turned the shower-knob, dousing myself in frigid water, then replied jokingly with “Ya you can’t be the captain with that tiny member, Pete” making every laugh again. The guys all joked around about dick sizes and soon the attention shifted to Frank who accidentally dropped his soap. The cold water and the embarrassment had me as soft as could be as I walked back to my bag in my towel.
The first week went by well and many of the girls from class were immediately more interested in me and Pete once we mentioned that we’re on the soccer team.
The following Thursday morning while the entire team was in the showers, Pete says “Hey boys, tomorrow is James’ 19th birthday! So we’re gonna show this fucker a good night on the town aren’t we?!” Everyone shouted out in agreement and came over to slap my back or hug me awkwardly in the showers.
Pete got us a 6-pack of beer to pre-drink before heading to the bar for my birthday. Pete opens a beer up and hands it over to me. Then he opens another one and we cheer. As we drink and chat about different girls in our class who we invited to the bar, Pete gets naked and says he’s gonna take a shower. By now the casual nudity is normal, and even I get undressed once in a while too. Pete gets used to my “random” boners as I tell him.
I finish my first beer while Pete’s showering. Then Pete comes out with a towel and sits on his bed, sipping on his beer. I decide to shower also, strip in front of Pete. I notice he glances over at me from the corner of his eye… I ignored it and got into the shower, leaving the door open too. Pete comes in and starts chatting to me while I’m in the shower. As I’m rinsing some soap off my chest he pulls back the curtain and hands me an opened beer saying “C’mon birthday boy, multitask, we’re on a schedule here.” I laugh, take the beer, cheers and we both chug.
The night was progressing well. We got to the bar and half the team was there with pitchers on the table for all to share. The rest of the team trickled in over the next hour, then the ladies showed up – each guy invited a couple girls each, so there was a favorable ratio.
The music was great, food was good for a bar and the older team members kept buying pitchers and shots in celebration of my birthday. I really loved these guys. Since Pete and I made the team we’ve been treated like family. I guess a team is almost like a family. The girls got more open after each round of shots too, which was what had my focus now.
This one girl, Lylia, kept glancing at me through the evening. She had dark blue eyes, pitch black hair and a cute face with a tiny nose. I couldn’t help but notice how big her tits were considering she is a smaller frame. By the time she sat next to me I was quite drunk, but I was still too nervous to start any conversation. Tyler, the team assistant captain, picked up on this and came to my rescue. He quickly set up the conversation and tactfully left to “use the men’s room” leaving me drunkenly telling her soccer tryout stories.
Lylia put her hand on my thigh and was looking directly into my eyes as we chatted about the tryouts. She seemed interested in anything that I said, especially soccer related. I couldn’t read the cues well in my drunkenness, but judging by her slowly advancing hand up my thigh, she liked me. Pete was having a good time with a blonde girl, she kept laughing and touching her hair. I wasn’t sure how to proceed with this… ‘close the deal’ as the guys call it. I was struggling to keep the conversation going, yet she kept advancing her hand up my thigh. As I looked over her shoulder I say Tyler motion for me to kiss her. I was drunk and thought “what the hell”.
Next thing I know, we’re locked in a tight embracing, tongues in each others mouths. The guys all cheered and hooted, making her self-conscious. We got up and moved to the dance floor, where I now saw Pete grinding with his blonde. Lylia and I wasted no time in getting back to where we left off. We were pressed against each other on the dance floor, only vaguely moving to the music, being too caught up with feeling each other and making out.
Pete was grinding with his blonde while I made out with Lylia pretty much the rest of the night, but mother hen came by and took both Lylia and Pete’s blonde away. Goddamn mother hen cock blocks!
Pete and I stumbled back to our dorm empty-handed.
“Stupid mother hen… hot ass fuck blonde… blue balls… she was so hot!!” Pete was mumbling drunkenly as they were taking off their bar clothes.
“I know man, it fuckin’ sucks! Lylia was literally massaging my dick through my jeans!” I exclaimed.
“What!?? My chick was grinding hard on my groin. I feel your pain James.” Pete sympathized. “I really thought we were going to score tonight bro.”
“Yea same bud.” I replied. We were both in our boxer briefs by now. I noticed Pete had a bit of a bulge in his, which made my cock begin to stiffen. Pete got up and walked passed me on his way to the mini-fridge grabbing us water to drink. As he passed I couldn’t help but notice his now obvious bulge and his fit bubble butt outlined by his boxer-briefs.
Pete stood in front of me as we drank the water. His bluge was at eye level now. I was making a mighty effort not to look his way, but my drunk mind was weak and my eyes glanced over repeatedly. We continued to chug water in silence. My dick was fully hard, pressing against my boxer-briefs. Hopefully Pete wouldn’t notice my wood while I am sitting on the bed. I looked away, trying to think of something else, something sad. I heard Pete crush his empty water bottle. I desperately tried to distract myself, but I could only think of Lylia, Pete grinding with the blonde, the locker room showers or that time I saw Pete’s morning wood. I was in a hot turmoil.
By the time I composed myself and turned back to face Pete, he had taken his underwear off, and was standing buck naked in front of me, a mere foot away.
“Uuhhhh… Pete…” was all I could say. My mind was clouded, and my dick was pressing against my underwear.
“Yeah?” he replied.
“Ummm… you’re… uuuhh” I stammered, looking away, but hopelessly glancing back.
“What’s wrong James?” He asked, still standing obscenely close. I was part weird-ed out, but also crazy horny. “I know you’ve been checking me out bud.”
I froze. Staying seated I looked up at his face, his cock wavering at full mast in my view.
“Since we were unlucky with those hot babes, this can be your birthday gift, from me” he said with a straight face. “I know you’re interested bud, I’ve caught you checking me out tons of times and then get wood afterwards. You think you hide it well, but you don’t. Sorry bud.”
I felt my face redden more than it ever has before. “That being said buddy, you have nothing to worry about though! I’m you’re best friend, and frankly I’m flattered that you find me that hot, and I’m cool with it – 110% cool”
I couldn’t even look at his dick now, I was gazing straight into his eyes. What was going on I thought. I’ve known Pete for a decade… why was he doing this? I felt vulnerable, betrayed almost, but immobilized by shock and I was with the person I could trust the most, or so I thought. But now everything seemed unstable. We stared at each other for a moment and I saw honesty in his eyes. Honesty and genuine interest and care. I could trust Pete. I knew it in my bones. I immediately relaxed slightly.
Pete must have sensed my change of heart. “Go ahead James” he said quietly, inching slightly closer. I reached up slowly, and slowly wrapped my hand around his shaft. Pete shuddered. This was the first time I had ever touched another dude’s dick. It was warm, soft, smooth and yet Pete was unbelievably hard.
I moved my hand down to the base with his shortly trimmed pubes, then slowly back up his cut cock to his swollen head. He must have been a solid 7.5″ and had a full handful worth of girth. Pete visibly shuddered as a touched his tip. I slowly explored it with my hand, delicately fingering the ridge of his tip and the underside. With my free hand I cupped his full, shaved balls. They were tight against his crotch. Pete gasped.
He sat down beside me, and looked at my groin. There was a dark wet spot the size of a nickel on my boxer-briefs from my pre-cum. “Lets get this off of you buddy” Pete said as he inserted a finger into my waist band sending shudders up my spine.
Before I knew it we were sitting on my bed across from each other, stroking each other. We were lost in ecstasy. I couldn’t think. I could only stroke. Pete’s face was messed up in pleasure and he gasped or moaned as I tried different strokes on his long, thick dick. Pete had me by my balls. Literally. He was gently cupping them with his left hand as he rubbed my head in circular motions with his right, which was tantalizingly good, sending tingles down my legs.
Every so often we’d change pace into a simple all out aggressive jerk.
“Fuck.” Pete said. Before he could say anything else I felt a warm spurt of cum hit me in the chest, then another landed on my wrist. Pete’s hand had stopped jerking me, but I kept going. I kept jerking Pete until he squirmed with sensitivity. The scent of fresh cum was in the air. Pete sat for a moment, eyes closed, panting and catching his breath. I sat there, using Pete’s cum as lube and playing with myself.
Pete opened his eyes and stared into mine, smiled and said “Thanks buddy” – it wasn’t sarcastic or joking, I could tell he was serious.
He took my swollen, stiff, 7″ member in his hand and started pumping away. I laid back, sat there in pleasure thinking how lucky I was to have my best friend jerking me off, and how crazy unlikely it was for this perfect scenario to turn out. I felt the familiar pressure build in my balls and groin. I began to thrust up into Pete’s hand. He tightened his grip, sending more pleasure waves down my cock into my hip. Pumping faster and tighter, my breathing quickened and I grunted as I felt the release. One shot. Two. Four. Seven ropes of cum in total that I shot onto myself and Pete.
I laid there for a moment, slowing my breathing. With my eyes still closed I felt a weight on the bed next to me. Pete was lying beside me, his hand moved from my now semi-hard dick up onto my cum soaked stomach, resting there.
“Happy birthday buddy” Pete said quietly. Exhausted, we fell asleep just like that in my bed.
Next morning we woke with crusty cum on ourselves. Laughing, I grabbed Pete and myself some water. We were both still nude, and after the water we stood, stretched and then Pete headed to the bathroom. I heard the water to the shower start.
Fuck it. I walked in, took a piss, pulled back the shower curtain and got in. “Well hello there James” Pete said happily.
“Is there really any need for boundaries now Pete?” I asked, almost rhetorically. Pete laughed. I stiffened

My roomate

 Okay, my first bi experience came during my freshman year in college, with my roommate. It took several months for something to actually happen between us. His name is Tom and he is a swimmer. We had a third roommate who dropped out early in the year so that left the two of us. I slept on the top of the bunk bed and he slept in the single bed. The lower bunk was kind of a couch for our friends. 

He had this totally hot girlfriend Katie. We both used to walk around the naked alot when it was warmer out, or at least in just our boxers. He had a great chest from swimming. I play soccer so I have really muscular legs. He is about 6'with a broad smooth chest, just a happy trail. I am 5'10" 165 with hairy legs and a nice chest too. We are both hung, about 9" each. we both seemed to take pride in showin it off. I am uncut which Tom had never seen before. 

Early in the year we would each jack off in our beds in the morning pretending not to notice the other person was awake. He used to jerk off and wipe it up with his underwearand leave the wet boxers in the middle of the floor when he would go off to shower. I used to pick them up and taste the cum. I would leave mine laying around too, although I was never sure if he did anything with them. 

Sometimes I used to like to wear his underwear. Especially if they had dried cum on them. 

He used to bring his girlfriend Katie over sometimes and sneak her into the room at night. He would fuck the hell out of her while I was sleeping in my bed. At first they tried to be quiet but after a while they didnt care. She used to sit on his big cock and ride up and down, her tits bouncing all over the place. 

Sometime when he was fucking her I would jerk off in my bed listening to them. She would moan and he would gently coax her along. One time I was strokin my cock listening to them and rolled over to try to take a peak. She was down on him sucking his cock. I was slightly surprised to see him staring right at me as she sucked him. He was moaning loudly while looking right at me. I totally blew a load all over my bed while we stared right at each other. 

We never said anything to each other about that night. 

A couple of weeks after that. I came in the room and Tom and Katie were cuddled up in his bed watching TV. We all got atlking and somehow came on the topic on 3somes. Katie said she would love to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time. We were both a little hesitant to start. I went and sat on the bed with the two of them. Toms hands were between her legs. She started rubbing her hips up and down into his hand. I started to rub her tits and kiss her on the neck. Tom pulled her shorts down and started eating her out. She reached over nad pulled my cock out of my shorts. It was right in Toms face as hse stroked it. Then she leaned over and started to suck me. She started to maon for Tom to fuck her. So he moved between her legs and inserted his cock. She maoned as she sucked my cock. Then she asked us to switch. I fucked her while Tom got sucked off. It was hot. 

I was so exicted that I blew my load pretty quickly. Tom followed suit pretty quickly, cumming all over Katies face. She swallowed a bit of it. It was hot. 

The next night we were each alone in our beds and I could hear him jerking off. I rolled and looked at thim. He had the sheets pulled down and his big cock sticking straight up. I was so hard. Istatrted humping my mattress. "It was opretty hot last night bro" I said. "Fuck yeah, I wish Katie was here now so we could do it again" Tom maoned. He was so hot laying there. One arm behind his head one on his cock. "We dude we could jerk off together" I said, "Hot" Tom replied. 

So I went and laid next to him on his bed. We were both stroking our cocks. 
"So dude, you're uncut huh?" he said staring at it. "I've never seen one before" 

"I like it" I said, "I can slide my foreskin up and down over my head. 

"Thats hot dude, how far can you pull your skin over your head" 

I slide it over and showed him. He seemed toatly enthralled by my foreskin. "It slides back and forth easily?" He asked. 

"Yaeh dude, you can try it if you want" "Alright" he said. So he reached over and started to slide it back and forth, stroking my cock. I was so had I could have blown right there into his hand. He was looking right at. It felt so good. I rolled my head back and let him stroke me. Suddenly I felt his tongue licking the head of my cock. 

It was so hot. He was poking his tongue into my foreskin, licking mt swollen head. I let out a big moan. He then slide my skin back and tasted my whole head, slliding more and more of my cock into his mouth. He flipped around and put his cock by my face. I licked his big hard cock and tried to take it in. 
It got my so excited I blew my load all over Tom's face. That turned him on and he came right on my face. It tatsed so good. It was so hot.


I had built a bromance with my buddy, we’ll call him Jake, to protect the innocent. Jake and I have been friends for about 10 years now, so at the time of this story, we had been friends for around 7 years (through those incredible puberty years!); in a bromance for 3 or 4. Our bromance really began after most of our mutual friends had gone off to college, but the two of us stayed in our home town. We had always been close – our personalities were very similar, so we tended to hang together, even in our group of friends, but the loneliness just heightened our bond. Our group of friends never had an issue with nudity. We all played sports together, which led to a lot of naked locker room time together. We normally ended up skinny dipping, no matter which bros pool we ended up partying at, and there was always plenty of dick flashes, fruit bowls, and moons flying around when we were together.
Once everyone was gone, it was just natural course for Jake and I to end up naked – the only difference now, was that it was just the two of us. Naked. Together. This quickly grew our bond, and our bromance. I will fast forward through the months of building that bromance, to the night of my story. The day was spent shooting hoops, followed by the two of us in my bathroom, showering (separately) and getting ready to go out. Although we were not in the shower together, there was plenty of conversation through the clear glass shower enclosure while we each washed off the days sweat, followed by 20 minutes of the two of us standing in front of the mirror naked, fighting over the very small vanity space, while we “primped”.
After a night at our favorite bar, we ended up back at my place (still living with my parents at that point), naked in the pool. Mom and dad were pretty used to us guys being naked out there, so they just stayed out of our way, and did their own thing. It was a chilly night, and we ended up wrestling around in the pool, to try to keep warm. I’m not even gonna try to lie and tell you I didn’t get a bit aroused… because I did. I had been thinking about, and laying the groundwork to jerking off with Jake for quite awhile, and on this night it was strong on my mind! I looked down in the water, and saw that Jake was also hard – or so I thought. One side note, that I hadn’t mentioned – Jake was about 6’2″, 170lbs of lean muscle, GREAT ass (he was a soccer player), with a 9″ dick. Literally. So, as a “lead-in” to my fantasy of jerking together, I reached down and grabbed his dick, and said, “look who’s got a bone!”. The joke was on me – Jake didn’t have a boner. What I saw was just his huge shlong, floating up, looking like a bone. We both got a good laugh from that, and he beamed with pride, at the size of his manhood (as he always did). After a few more minutes in the pool, Jake said he was cold, and wanted to go get in a hot shower. We grabbed our towels, didn’t even bother drying off, and ran in to my bathroom. As Jake took a piss, I opened the shower door, and turned on the water. I was leaning in, testing the water, when I felt Jake’s hand on my lower back, just at the top of my ass, really – definitely in a spot that only a true bro would be allowed to touch. “Hurry up, dude! Let’s get in!!”, was all he said, as he slapped my ass and pushed me into the shower. While we had showered together plenty of times at school, we had never been in the shower together at home! I was SO glad it was his idea. Sometimes I felt like I was always the one initiating those moments when we did something a bit “further”. My shower was the perfect size – big enough for two, but small enough that the occasional touch was inevitable, and it had a bench along one whole side, just big enough for two. Jake got under the shower first. His back was to me, and I stood with my semi just inches from his crack. He backed up, as he leaned in to rinse shampoo from his hair, and my dick landed firmly in his ass crack. While I’m freaking out in my head, all he says is “hey there, big guy! Buy me dinner first??” It was that kind of humor that made our friendship so great. I washed his back, then he washed mine – taking it further, and washing my bubble butt, too. We did a bit of dancing around, fighting over the stream of hot water, with no inhibitions about our bodies touching. Eventually, we sat down on the bench, and began talking about life, while I had the shower wand, and moved the water back and forth between us. As the conversation got deeper, I decided to open the door to my fantasy just a bit further. I’ll be honest with you – I never thought it would actually happen.
As much time as Jake and I had spent naked together, believe it or not, I had never seen him fully hard without something covering it – shorts, underwear, a blanket… I looked down at his freshly shaved crotch, and noticed he had his typical “semi”, which was several inches longer than mine when fully erect. “Geez, bro”, I said, “seriously, just exactly how big does that monster get?!” Great question, right? It allowed him a couple of options in answering, without creating an uncomfortable situation. He could simply tell me how long it gets, or he could show me. The question was not outside of our normal conversations – his answer, however, could take us somewhere new. And it did. At first he just kind of giggled, (we were both still a bit drunk), and did his normal “tug” on it, that he was famous for doing. Rather than giving up, I took the shower wand and started spraying him. I started on his chest and shoulders, causing him to lean his head back a bit and close his eyes. I took that as my cue, and directed the water spray down his abs. His dick bounced once. I sent the spray down his left leg first, back up to his abs, then down his right leg. His dick bounces again. He took his hands off his thighs, to rest them on the bench to each side – except that we were thigh to thigh, so his left hand ended up on my right thigh. I continued this path, going up and down his body, from shoulders to feet – carefully leaving his massive meat out of the equation. “That feels amazing”, he said in almost a groan. With each pass, his dick bounced, so I pushed further. “It’s the anaconda dance down there!”, I chuckled in a bit more than a whisper. On that note, he started flexing his cock. Up and down, up and down – but it’s still not really getting beyond a semi-erection, which is frustrating me. I handed him the shower wand, and leaned across him to grab the shower gel. Touching him enough in the process, to test the water, but not so much as to make it awkward. I think he expected me to start soaping him up, but I wasn’t sure, so I began soaping my own chest, down to my abs and clean shaved crotch, and semi-hard dick. Almost immediately his dick popped up and landed in that V between the upper thigh and stomach. It quickly hardened and stood almost perfectly straight up his abs, beyond his belly button, as he leaned back on the bench.

I could not believe this was finally happening between me and my bromance! I had waited for this moment for years, and it was really happening. “Well, that answers that question, I suppose”, was all I could manage to say at that point. Without another word, we each began stroking, our thighs touching in that steamy shower. Feeling emboldened, I reached over and gently rubbed Jakes abs, working my way down to his smooth-as-a-babies-butt pube area, while he continued stroking. “God this feels good”, he moans to me, and we continue jerking off together. I took that as approval of my touch, and grabbed the base of his thick shaft. He moved his hands to his thighs, leaned his head back and closed his eyes, as I slowly stroked up and down on his 9″ raging hard-on. After a minute or two, Jake reached over and grabbed my dick and began stroking. It felt so amazing to have my best bro, my closest friend, my bromance, stroking my cock. As he got close to orgasm, he took back his cock, and began feverishly jerking with his right hand, as his left reached down toward his asshole. We came together, almost exactly at the same time. Jake shot clear up to his shoulder, while mine only made it to my nipple. (of course we compared our shots!) After a few moments leaning against one another, we stood up, washed each other down (suddenly not afraid to wash each others dick and balls), and went off to bed. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baseball BUDS

Russ was looking forward to baseball practice. Actually, he wasn't as much looking as forward to the practice as the fact that he was going to be with Jeremy.

He got there a bit early. He had arranged a few kids who were really good and sexy (though he hadn't said that) at baseball to help him on a Saturday.

He was in his ball clothes, so he went straight to the field to start. He had also brought a change of clothes in case he got really dirty.

Three boys were there.

Jeremy, who he had not only considered the best player, but the sexiest, too, was on first base. Jeremy had this deep, almost sexy voice. He also had a beautiful hairless chest.

James, who he thought was probably a senior, a pretty good player whom Russ had thought to be well hung. He was pitching.

Finally, Justin, who had an Asian-American air about him, and also seemed well endowed. He was in outfield.

Russ had chosen boxers under his loose jeans, hoping Jeremy would see it.

James pitched a normal underhand which Russ hit towards Justin, who had fortunately missed it, but recovered and quickly caught it. Justin threw the ball to Jeremy, and Russ slid onto first facing up. Jeremy was looking down at him, with a hard on which Russ noted.

"Hey, while you're down there, gimme a blowjob."

Everyone, including Russ laughed, but only Russ knew that he thought the joke was erotic.

Russ got up and went to bat again and hit more of a pop up which James missed and Russ slid, kneeling almost, onto the base. Jeremy looked down.

"What? Back already?"

Russ' hard on got more prominent as he walked back.

This time, Russ hit a double and ran to second and was in almost a split as he got there.

Justin got back quickly and looked down at Russ.

"Hey. I think he's trying to say something here."

Again laughter from all four.

This went on with Russ getting to the base in almost always a different position every time. And every time, a new comment, always sexual. They played about two hours and everyone but Jeremy went home.

"Hey Jeremy, Why don't you go home now?"

"Man, I'm sapped of energy and I'm only about a mile from here. I walked here."

Russ noted that both their clothes were dirty from all Russ' sliding.

"Why don't we shower in the locker room? Looks like we both need it and it might bring back some energy."

"okay. I got spare clothes in my bag. I didn't know you slid so much, though."

They walked to the locker room and stripped naked. By this time, Russ' hard on had subsided. They went to the showers and Russ got a couple bars of soap.

"Here ya' go," he said as he threw the soap.

Jeremy caught it.

"Nice throw."

They lathered up and Russ felt his erection returning. He quickly turned his nozzle to cold and it went back.

Russ tried to slowly look over Jeremy's crotch and saw a huge foot-long monster being lathered and slowly stroked. Jeremy looked at Russ, who had quickly turned away, but whose cock was hard.

Jeremy asked innocently, "Uh, hey Russ?"

"Yeah?," he said still back turned to Jeremy.

"Why, uh, exactly did you arrange this practice."

"I needed it."

"Any other... Special reason?"


"Your cock says otherwise. Would you care to say that again, looking me in the eye?"

Russ turned and looked directly at Jeremy's eyes, trying to will his hard on to subside unsuccessfully.

"I arranged this practice because I needed you, er, it."

"You're gay, aren't you?"

"Well, bi, more of."

"Is that why you slid into all those positions? You want to jack off together?

Russ meekly nodded.

Jeremy perked up.

"Well then... Do you want it?," he asked waving his huge dick.

Russ again nodded.

"Well, then, COME and get it."

Russ went over to Jeremy and went down on him, taking just the head and playing with it. Jeremy moaned and decided to sit on the stone bench. Russ followed and once he sat, spread his legs to let Russ at it.

Russ took his hand and started to stroke Jeremy, who moaned in ecstasy.

"I'm gonna come," he strained.

Jeremy teased his buddy’s balls and it was too much for Russ. Russ shot a good load which Jeremy took on his chest.

"Now Jeremy, stand up." The huge load of jizz slowly ran down his abs.


Tom met me at home after work. It was good to see him again and after he came in we spent a little while just catching up. I told him about some movies I had bought and a poll I had put online to determine which movie we should watch together and he insisted on jumping onto the blog to see the results. He thought it was the greatest thing that we had people rooting for us to jerk off together and wanted to pick the movie for us. A 500 cum shot compilation had won with a swinger comp second, so he said (and I'm quoting), "The people have spoken. Let the cum shots commence!" After I had regained my breath from laughing so hard, we headed into my bedroom for the screening.

Picture if you will the scene: At the head of the bed, all the pillows I could gather for us to prop ourselves up comfortably with our legs stretched out. On my nightstand was a bottle of lube, ready and waiting. On top of the bed spread were two towels I had laid out. That way we could relax without worrying about any mess we could make with the lube or our cum. At the foot of the bed was the television and DVD player. I had the four movies placed on his towel so Tom could see the box covers. Tom sat down and picked each one up to examine them.

"Damn, they all look good. Asia is fucking hot!" he said. "I wish we could see this one too."

"I doubt that we could last that long, buddy. There's always next time." I replied.

He sighed with mock regret. "So much porn so little time. Put in the cum shots and lets get started."

As he took of his shoes, I fired up the TV and DVD player. I joined him on the bed (he was on my right) and pressed play. After fast forwarding through all the bullshit phone sex lines (why do they bother with those? Does anyone really call those things anymore?) we got to the movie itself. Let me tell you they were not fucking lying. 500 cum shots in four hours? That works out to one hundred twenty five pops an hour. Which in turn breaks down to one every 30 seconds! Tom and I laid there and watched shot after shot of cocks creaming face after face. It was good but not great. My dick was twitching but not really getting hard. After about 20 minutes I gave a glance at Tom's jeans and didn't see the bulge I was used to seeing. I also realized that we weren't making the comments we usually made. Now mind you, we had seen about 50 loads blast by now. Bitches were getting iced on their lips and faces continuously.

"Is it me, or is this not really doing it." I asked.

"I think the problem is it's too fast. I don't get a chance to get into the scene before the guys cums and then BAM! next!" he answered. "I wish each one was about 2 minutes instead of 20 or 30 seconds. Let me see her really suck it or the guy fucking her before the cum shot, you know?"

"Exactly what I was thinking" (Now you see why he's my jerk off buddy. Great minds think perverted alike) "want to change to the second choice, the swinger one?"

"Yeah, do that"

So I stopped that movie and switched it for the swinger one. We had been porning it up for thirty minutes but had barely gotten hard either of us. I wanted some action! Settle back down, press play, fast forward through ads, start movie. The title was "You do my wife, and I'll do yours" and the first scene started in good fashion. A man and woman were sitting on a couch. Both had their legs spread open; she was being eaten out by a guy, while next to her, her husband was being sucked off by a woman. After a minute or so the couples switched places and went right back at it.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Tom said happily and opened the button to his pants and reached in.

My own cock began to swell as the scene continued. Finally some continuity instead of the fast cuts of the first movie. I watched getting hornier and hornier as dicks pounded cunts and moans and grunts came from the screen. I looked at Tom and could see the tent of his cock pressing against his jeans. All systems were go! When the two guys finally came on the women 15 minutes later I called out "spray that ass that's it!" my cock hard as a rock from the good fucking.

We watched another 2 scenes before Tom got up and took of his jeans to just be in his underwear. That was what I was waiting for (a polite host always waits for his guests LOL). I couldn't rip my pants off fast enough! Both of us were hard and our briefs couldn't hide the fact. Both looked like pup tents the way our dicks stood at attention. The counter on the DVD player said 45 minutes had passed. I did some quick calculations in my head and knew there wasn't time to watch the (four hour) movie at normal speed until the end before he had to go. By now we had both been hard about the same 30 minutes and I was ready to blow.

"T we only have about an hour and a half before you have to go and over 3 hours of the movie left. What if I fast forward each scene through the blow jobs and pussy licking and play at normal just the fucking and cumming?" I asked.

"Fine by me."

I took the remote in my left hand (my right had was busy rubbing my cock through my underwear) and sped 4x through the next scene until I saw a bitch bouncing on a cock and resumed normal speed. In the next half hour we saw four more scenes that way and went through almost 90 minutes of the movie. We were back on schedule. Somewhere while all this was happening Tom had pulled his cock out and was rubbing the head of it with the palm of his hand, sneaky bastard! His waistband was nestled up under his shaft so I couldn't see if his balls were swollen like mine. By the glow of the TV I stood up and took off my underwear. My dick was pointing straight out and quivering from my pulse pounding. I stretched out next to Tom again and opened the bottle of lube. I squirted some into the palm of my hand and coated my cock up gently. I was ready to shoot almost immediately! I spread my legs slightly and began to pump my hips up and down as I stroked my shaft. I know Tom was watching me as well as the movie and I loved it. I looked over at him.

"C'mon and join the party. Lube that bad boy up." I told him.

He raised his hips slightly and pulled his briefs all the way off and tossed them aside. He put some astroglide into his hand and rubbed it onto his rod. He made some involuntary moves with his hips and panted slightly as the sensation hit him. We spent the next 30 minutes stroking ourselves in relative silence. Except for our heavy breathing and the sounds of fucking from the screen we were too engrossed with our jerking to talk. I was edging continuously. Every few minutes I had to release my cock and let it just bob untouched while I fought not to cum. I was moaning and fucking the air. I would look over at Tom and see him stroking himself and sway his hips slightly. He seemed to be holding out better than I was. He applied more lube one or two times as the scenes continued. By the way, the movie was FUCKING HOT!!! I'm not doing it justice with my descriptions. For example, in one scene the two guys were fucking their own wives side by side doggy style and then both pulled out to have the opposite wife suck the pussy juice of her friend off of their cocks. Then they switched completely and fucked the others wife until they came. That scene, I noticed, had Tom pounding his cock really hard until he let go, edging.

The DVD had only 50 minutes until the end. I backed out to the menu screen with scene selections and saw there were 3 scenes left.

"Ok, we watch two of them at high speed until the fucking, and the last one normal and cum to that" I told Tom. "No way are we going to another movie. If I don't cum soon I'm gonna pass out."

"Definitely!" he replied fisting himself.

We did just that. When the final scene started I put the remote down and lubed up for the final time. I had been edging for over an hour. I don't know how I lasted that long. I've said it before. Jerking off with my buds is always better because having them there makes me wait until we can shoot together. It's as if they give me the mental strength to resist letting go. (Tom has told me it's the same for him - when he's home alone watching he cant last as long either.) The final scene had two really hot, big titted women giving blow jobs to their men. Slurping and moaning as they rubbed themselves, I was ecstatic with the realization that I would finally be able to cum! I was barely touching myself. I could cum at anytime Tom said go, so I watched him for the telltale signs. His eyes were glued to the screen and he stroked himself steadily. On screen, the women were getting fucked side by side on the floor.

"Okay, lets do it" Tom said and rolled over off of the bed, to get back on it on his knees.

I knelt right next to him and began to softly work my dick. I still wanted to cum with the guys on screen as well as him. I asked if he was close.

"Almost but not quite. I need something...." he added a little more lube. His cock was gleaming with the glide. He fisted himself faster.

So I began to talk.

"C'mon man work that cock. You know she wants to see it" I told him while I rubbed my cock faster too. "You going to cum for her? You going to shoot all over those big tits?"

"Yes" he whispered.

"Pump your cock faster!" I ordered "She wants to see you shoot, c'mon shoot that cum" I was pounding my dick harder too but somehow I knew I could hold out until I needed to. I had entered "the zone" and was in total dick control.

"Yes" he whispered again, stroking furiously. He was fucking his fist savagely, his body working back and forth.

"I'm warning you, I'm going to cum all over the place." I told him. "yelling and screaming my head off. You gonna cum with me? Are you going to cum for her, for them" I asked him referring to the bitch on screen getting drilled from behind. "Are you going to shoot on her ass?"

"Yeah" he said.

"I can't fucking hear you! Are you going to cum for her? Pound that cock, pound it! Speak up dammit! Are you gonna spray?"

"Yes!" he said louder. "Yes, I'm gonna spray my cum all over that fucking bitch!" he gasped.

"C'mon T cum, cum for her c'mon cum cum cum!" I ordered, my eyes on him and his dick. I was ignoring the movie, I didn't need it to cum anymore. I needed my bud to let loose so I could; I wasn't cumming without him. "They want to see it. They want to see you shoot all your hot cum. Look at that one, she's looking at you. She wants to feel your hot cum on her tits, c'mon cum on 'em. Shoot, shoot, shoot!"

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over them, you watch!" he said loudly. " All over her fucking tits!"

"She wants your cum T, your hot gooey cum..."

"Yours too man, she wants yours. Were gonna cum on her together, right, together..."

"Yeah I'm gonna cum on her too buddy, all over her tits; were gonna soak that bitch, were gonna drown her in cum. Keep poundin' it, keep poundin' it. Work that cock man, work it!"

It was hot narrating like this. We usually talked to the screen and each other but not like this. I was really getting off in telling TP what to do and what the bitches wanted from us. TP was really into it now. We were both sweating and panting with exertion as we got ready to blow.

"I'm gonna cum so hard. I'm gonna cum like a hose man." I told Tom "That's it bitch get ready for all this cum" I told the babe on screen who was grabbing and rubbing her tits as a cock slid in and out of her snatch. Her knockers were huge and shiny with bright hard nipples that she was tweaking. "T, were gonna coat those fucking tits so bad..." I grunted, pumping away.

"Oh oh oh I'm gonna, I'm gonna," he warned.

"Gonna cum?"

"oh yeah"

"Gonna cum?!?!?"

"OH YEAH!!!!!!"

"GONNA CUM??!????!?!" I screamed at him my hand pounding my cock like a piston.

"yes! yes! YES!!!! NOW! NOW! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he yelled as his orgasm hit.

I came at almost the same time. I'm not entirely sure because for a few seconds I was cumming so hard I was in convulsions. My cum sprayed and sprayed all over the towels I put down. (Thank god we were side by side and not facing each other. We would have ended up coating each other!!) I saw colors flash before my eyes as I groaned and yelled my way to heaven. I felt my cum flow out of my shaft in stream after stream of thickness. I watched his cum pump like a hose, hot steaming ropes of semen, all over the towel to mix with mine.

"YEAH! YEAH! PUMP IT!" he yelled at me, still cumming his load, his body undulating as he fucked the air. "GET IT ALL! GET IT ALL!"

What could I do? I followed orders and rubbed and rubbed as semen kept flowing out of our cocks. We kept stroking and moaning and moaning and stroking, wave after wave of pleasure flowing though us as we finished ourselves off. I felt the cum all over my hand as I slowed to a stop with my fisting. I was drenched with sweat and gasping for air as if I had spent the last hour working out at the gym instead of jerking off. I fell backwards onto my back with Tom right besides me. Our lower legs ended up on the towels right in the pools of cum, but dammit I didn't care. I was so exhausted I just lay there panting and twitching.

"oh... my... god... that was the best orgasm I've had in weeks, maybe months" I told Tom. "Thanks for coming over, I always last longer when you're here with me."

His eyes were wide and staring at the ceiling. I could see his cock was just starting to soften (mine was as well), and a single cum drop was visible on the head of it. His head rolled over and he smiled. "Thanks for inviting me" he said simply.

On screen the movie had ended. We never saw the guys on screen cum (at least I didn't) but we didn't care. It couldn't have looked better than the two of us blasting away. I shut it off and closed my eyes. We laid there for a minute then got up. He hit the bathroom to clean up while I gathered up the cum catcher towels (which we absolutely coated for only two guys. I wish I had taken a picture!) and put them in the laundry to wash before my wife came home the next day. He came back into the bedroom his cock dangling happily and got dressed while I went to the bathroom and got myself straightened up.

By the time I cam out he was almost ready to go. I threw on some clothes and walked him to the door. He shook my hand and grinned.

"Always a pleasure to come over." he told me. "We have to do this again soon"

"Always a pleasure to have you over." I replied with a smirk. "Next time your house. I'll bring the other two movies."