Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baseball BUDS

Russ was looking forward to baseball practice. Actually, he wasn't as much looking as forward to the practice as the fact that he was going to be with Jeremy.

He got there a bit early. He had arranged a few kids who were really good and sexy (though he hadn't said that) at baseball to help him on a Saturday.

He was in his ball clothes, so he went straight to the field to start. He had also brought a change of clothes in case he got really dirty.

Three boys were there.

Jeremy, who he had not only considered the best player, but the sexiest, too, was on first base. Jeremy had this deep, almost sexy voice. He also had a beautiful hairless chest.

James, who he thought was probably a senior, a pretty good player whom Russ had thought to be well hung. He was pitching.

Finally, Justin, who had an Asian-American air about him, and also seemed well endowed. He was in outfield.

Russ had chosen boxers under his loose jeans, hoping Jeremy would see it.

James pitched a normal underhand which Russ hit towards Justin, who had fortunately missed it, but recovered and quickly caught it. Justin threw the ball to Jeremy, and Russ slid onto first facing up. Jeremy was looking down at him, with a hard on which Russ noted.

"Hey, while you're down there, gimme a blowjob."

Everyone, including Russ laughed, but only Russ knew that he thought the joke was erotic.

Russ got up and went to bat again and hit more of a pop up which James missed and Russ slid, kneeling almost, onto the base. Jeremy looked down.

"What? Back already?"

Russ' hard on got more prominent as he walked back.

This time, Russ hit a double and ran to second and was in almost a split as he got there.

Justin got back quickly and looked down at Russ.

"Hey. I think he's trying to say something here."

Again laughter from all four.

This went on with Russ getting to the base in almost always a different position every time. And every time, a new comment, always sexual. They played about two hours and everyone but Jeremy went home.

"Hey Jeremy, Why don't you go home now?"

"Man, I'm sapped of energy and I'm only about a mile from here. I walked here."

Russ noted that both their clothes were dirty from all Russ' sliding.

"Why don't we shower in the locker room? Looks like we both need it and it might bring back some energy."

"okay. I got spare clothes in my bag. I didn't know you slid so much, though."

They walked to the locker room and stripped naked. By this time, Russ' hard on had subsided. They went to the showers and Russ got a couple bars of soap.

"Here ya' go," he said as he threw the soap.

Jeremy caught it.

"Nice throw."

They lathered up and Russ felt his erection returning. He quickly turned his nozzle to cold and it went back.

Russ tried to slowly look over Jeremy's crotch and saw a huge foot-long monster being lathered and slowly stroked. Jeremy looked at Russ, who had quickly turned away, but whose cock was hard.

Jeremy asked innocently, "Uh, hey Russ?"

"Yeah?," he said still back turned to Jeremy.

"Why, uh, exactly did you arrange this practice."

"I needed it."

"Any other... Special reason?"


"Your cock says otherwise. Would you care to say that again, looking me in the eye?"

Russ turned and looked directly at Jeremy's eyes, trying to will his hard on to subside unsuccessfully.

"I arranged this practice because I needed you, er, it."

"You're gay, aren't you?"

"Well, bi, more of."

"Is that why you slid into all those positions? You want to jack off together?

Russ meekly nodded.

Jeremy perked up.

"Well then... Do you want it?," he asked waving his huge dick.

Russ again nodded.

"Well, then, COME and get it."

Russ went over to Jeremy and went down on him, taking just the head and playing with it. Jeremy moaned and decided to sit on the stone bench. Russ followed and once he sat, spread his legs to let Russ at it.

Russ took his hand and started to stroke Jeremy, who moaned in ecstasy.

"I'm gonna come," he strained.

Jeremy teased his buddy’s balls and it was too much for Russ. Russ shot a good load which Jeremy took on his chest.

"Now Jeremy, stand up." The huge load of jizz slowly ran down his abs.


Tom met me at home after work. It was good to see him again and after he came in we spent a little while just catching up. I told him about some movies I had bought and a poll I had put online to determine which movie we should watch together and he insisted on jumping onto the blog to see the results. He thought it was the greatest thing that we had people rooting for us to jerk off together and wanted to pick the movie for us. A 500 cum shot compilation had won with a swinger comp second, so he said (and I'm quoting), "The people have spoken. Let the cum shots commence!" After I had regained my breath from laughing so hard, we headed into my bedroom for the screening.

Picture if you will the scene: At the head of the bed, all the pillows I could gather for us to prop ourselves up comfortably with our legs stretched out. On my nightstand was a bottle of lube, ready and waiting. On top of the bed spread were two towels I had laid out. That way we could relax without worrying about any mess we could make with the lube or our cum. At the foot of the bed was the television and DVD player. I had the four movies placed on his towel so Tom could see the box covers. Tom sat down and picked each one up to examine them.

"Damn, they all look good. Asia is fucking hot!" he said. "I wish we could see this one too."

"I doubt that we could last that long, buddy. There's always next time." I replied.

He sighed with mock regret. "So much porn so little time. Put in the cum shots and lets get started."

As he took of his shoes, I fired up the TV and DVD player. I joined him on the bed (he was on my right) and pressed play. After fast forwarding through all the bullshit phone sex lines (why do they bother with those? Does anyone really call those things anymore?) we got to the movie itself. Let me tell you they were not fucking lying. 500 cum shots in four hours? That works out to one hundred twenty five pops an hour. Which in turn breaks down to one every 30 seconds! Tom and I laid there and watched shot after shot of cocks creaming face after face. It was good but not great. My dick was twitching but not really getting hard. After about 20 minutes I gave a glance at Tom's jeans and didn't see the bulge I was used to seeing. I also realized that we weren't making the comments we usually made. Now mind you, we had seen about 50 loads blast by now. Bitches were getting iced on their lips and faces continuously.

"Is it me, or is this not really doing it." I asked.

"I think the problem is it's too fast. I don't get a chance to get into the scene before the guys cums and then BAM! next!" he answered. "I wish each one was about 2 minutes instead of 20 or 30 seconds. Let me see her really suck it or the guy fucking her before the cum shot, you know?"

"Exactly what I was thinking" (Now you see why he's my jerk off buddy. Great minds think perverted alike) "want to change to the second choice, the swinger one?"

"Yeah, do that"

So I stopped that movie and switched it for the swinger one. We had been porning it up for thirty minutes but had barely gotten hard either of us. I wanted some action! Settle back down, press play, fast forward through ads, start movie. The title was "You do my wife, and I'll do yours" and the first scene started in good fashion. A man and woman were sitting on a couch. Both had their legs spread open; she was being eaten out by a guy, while next to her, her husband was being sucked off by a woman. After a minute or so the couples switched places and went right back at it.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Tom said happily and opened the button to his pants and reached in.

My own cock began to swell as the scene continued. Finally some continuity instead of the fast cuts of the first movie. I watched getting hornier and hornier as dicks pounded cunts and moans and grunts came from the screen. I looked at Tom and could see the tent of his cock pressing against his jeans. All systems were go! When the two guys finally came on the women 15 minutes later I called out "spray that ass that's it!" my cock hard as a rock from the good fucking.

We watched another 2 scenes before Tom got up and took of his jeans to just be in his underwear. That was what I was waiting for (a polite host always waits for his guests LOL). I couldn't rip my pants off fast enough! Both of us were hard and our briefs couldn't hide the fact. Both looked like pup tents the way our dicks stood at attention. The counter on the DVD player said 45 minutes had passed. I did some quick calculations in my head and knew there wasn't time to watch the (four hour) movie at normal speed until the end before he had to go. By now we had both been hard about the same 30 minutes and I was ready to blow.

"T we only have about an hour and a half before you have to go and over 3 hours of the movie left. What if I fast forward each scene through the blow jobs and pussy licking and play at normal just the fucking and cumming?" I asked.

"Fine by me."

I took the remote in my left hand (my right had was busy rubbing my cock through my underwear) and sped 4x through the next scene until I saw a bitch bouncing on a cock and resumed normal speed. In the next half hour we saw four more scenes that way and went through almost 90 minutes of the movie. We were back on schedule. Somewhere while all this was happening Tom had pulled his cock out and was rubbing the head of it with the palm of his hand, sneaky bastard! His waistband was nestled up under his shaft so I couldn't see if his balls were swollen like mine. By the glow of the TV I stood up and took off my underwear. My dick was pointing straight out and quivering from my pulse pounding. I stretched out next to Tom again and opened the bottle of lube. I squirted some into the palm of my hand and coated my cock up gently. I was ready to shoot almost immediately! I spread my legs slightly and began to pump my hips up and down as I stroked my shaft. I know Tom was watching me as well as the movie and I loved it. I looked over at him.

"C'mon and join the party. Lube that bad boy up." I told him.

He raised his hips slightly and pulled his briefs all the way off and tossed them aside. He put some astroglide into his hand and rubbed it onto his rod. He made some involuntary moves with his hips and panted slightly as the sensation hit him. We spent the next 30 minutes stroking ourselves in relative silence. Except for our heavy breathing and the sounds of fucking from the screen we were too engrossed with our jerking to talk. I was edging continuously. Every few minutes I had to release my cock and let it just bob untouched while I fought not to cum. I was moaning and fucking the air. I would look over at Tom and see him stroking himself and sway his hips slightly. He seemed to be holding out better than I was. He applied more lube one or two times as the scenes continued. By the way, the movie was FUCKING HOT!!! I'm not doing it justice with my descriptions. For example, in one scene the two guys were fucking their own wives side by side doggy style and then both pulled out to have the opposite wife suck the pussy juice of her friend off of their cocks. Then they switched completely and fucked the others wife until they came. That scene, I noticed, had Tom pounding his cock really hard until he let go, edging.

The DVD had only 50 minutes until the end. I backed out to the menu screen with scene selections and saw there were 3 scenes left.

"Ok, we watch two of them at high speed until the fucking, and the last one normal and cum to that" I told Tom. "No way are we going to another movie. If I don't cum soon I'm gonna pass out."

"Definitely!" he replied fisting himself.

We did just that. When the final scene started I put the remote down and lubed up for the final time. I had been edging for over an hour. I don't know how I lasted that long. I've said it before. Jerking off with my buds is always better because having them there makes me wait until we can shoot together. It's as if they give me the mental strength to resist letting go. (Tom has told me it's the same for him - when he's home alone watching he cant last as long either.) The final scene had two really hot, big titted women giving blow jobs to their men. Slurping and moaning as they rubbed themselves, I was ecstatic with the realization that I would finally be able to cum! I was barely touching myself. I could cum at anytime Tom said go, so I watched him for the telltale signs. His eyes were glued to the screen and he stroked himself steadily. On screen, the women were getting fucked side by side on the floor.

"Okay, lets do it" Tom said and rolled over off of the bed, to get back on it on his knees.

I knelt right next to him and began to softly work my dick. I still wanted to cum with the guys on screen as well as him. I asked if he was close.

"Almost but not quite. I need something...." he added a little more lube. His cock was gleaming with the glide. He fisted himself faster.

So I began to talk.

"C'mon man work that cock. You know she wants to see it" I told him while I rubbed my cock faster too. "You going to cum for her? You going to shoot all over those big tits?"

"Yes" he whispered.

"Pump your cock faster!" I ordered "She wants to see you shoot, c'mon shoot that cum" I was pounding my dick harder too but somehow I knew I could hold out until I needed to. I had entered "the zone" and was in total dick control.

"Yes" he whispered again, stroking furiously. He was fucking his fist savagely, his body working back and forth.

"I'm warning you, I'm going to cum all over the place." I told him. "yelling and screaming my head off. You gonna cum with me? Are you going to cum for her, for them" I asked him referring to the bitch on screen getting drilled from behind. "Are you going to shoot on her ass?"

"Yeah" he said.

"I can't fucking hear you! Are you going to cum for her? Pound that cock, pound it! Speak up dammit! Are you gonna spray?"

"Yes!" he said louder. "Yes, I'm gonna spray my cum all over that fucking bitch!" he gasped.

"C'mon T cum, cum for her c'mon cum cum cum!" I ordered, my eyes on him and his dick. I was ignoring the movie, I didn't need it to cum anymore. I needed my bud to let loose so I could; I wasn't cumming without him. "They want to see it. They want to see you shoot all your hot cum. Look at that one, she's looking at you. She wants to feel your hot cum on her tits, c'mon cum on 'em. Shoot, shoot, shoot!"

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over them, you watch!" he said loudly. " All over her fucking tits!"

"She wants your cum T, your hot gooey cum..."

"Yours too man, she wants yours. Were gonna cum on her together, right, together..."

"Yeah I'm gonna cum on her too buddy, all over her tits; were gonna soak that bitch, were gonna drown her in cum. Keep poundin' it, keep poundin' it. Work that cock man, work it!"

It was hot narrating like this. We usually talked to the screen and each other but not like this. I was really getting off in telling TP what to do and what the bitches wanted from us. TP was really into it now. We were both sweating and panting with exertion as we got ready to blow.

"I'm gonna cum so hard. I'm gonna cum like a hose man." I told Tom "That's it bitch get ready for all this cum" I told the babe on screen who was grabbing and rubbing her tits as a cock slid in and out of her snatch. Her knockers were huge and shiny with bright hard nipples that she was tweaking. "T, were gonna coat those fucking tits so bad..." I grunted, pumping away.

"Oh oh oh I'm gonna, I'm gonna," he warned.

"Gonna cum?"

"oh yeah"

"Gonna cum?!?!?"

"OH YEAH!!!!!!"

"GONNA CUM??!????!?!" I screamed at him my hand pounding my cock like a piston.

"yes! yes! YES!!!! NOW! NOW! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he yelled as his orgasm hit.

I came at almost the same time. I'm not entirely sure because for a few seconds I was cumming so hard I was in convulsions. My cum sprayed and sprayed all over the towels I put down. (Thank god we were side by side and not facing each other. We would have ended up coating each other!!) I saw colors flash before my eyes as I groaned and yelled my way to heaven. I felt my cum flow out of my shaft in stream after stream of thickness. I watched his cum pump like a hose, hot steaming ropes of semen, all over the towel to mix with mine.

"YEAH! YEAH! PUMP IT!" he yelled at me, still cumming his load, his body undulating as he fucked the air. "GET IT ALL! GET IT ALL!"

What could I do? I followed orders and rubbed and rubbed as semen kept flowing out of our cocks. We kept stroking and moaning and moaning and stroking, wave after wave of pleasure flowing though us as we finished ourselves off. I felt the cum all over my hand as I slowed to a stop with my fisting. I was drenched with sweat and gasping for air as if I had spent the last hour working out at the gym instead of jerking off. I fell backwards onto my back with Tom right besides me. Our lower legs ended up on the towels right in the pools of cum, but dammit I didn't care. I was so exhausted I just lay there panting and twitching.

"oh... my... god... that was the best orgasm I've had in weeks, maybe months" I told Tom. "Thanks for coming over, I always last longer when you're here with me."

His eyes were wide and staring at the ceiling. I could see his cock was just starting to soften (mine was as well), and a single cum drop was visible on the head of it. His head rolled over and he smiled. "Thanks for inviting me" he said simply.

On screen the movie had ended. We never saw the guys on screen cum (at least I didn't) but we didn't care. It couldn't have looked better than the two of us blasting away. I shut it off and closed my eyes. We laid there for a minute then got up. He hit the bathroom to clean up while I gathered up the cum catcher towels (which we absolutely coated for only two guys. I wish I had taken a picture!) and put them in the laundry to wash before my wife came home the next day. He came back into the bedroom his cock dangling happily and got dressed while I went to the bathroom and got myself straightened up.

By the time I cam out he was almost ready to go. I threw on some clothes and walked him to the door. He shook my hand and grinned.

"Always a pleasure to come over." he told me. "We have to do this again soon"

"Always a pleasure to have you over." I replied with a smirk. "Next time your house. I'll bring the other two movies."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

From a past circle jerk.................

There were some serious abs and pecs as well as some exceptional low hangers and thick meaty dicks, both cut and uncut to stroke.  We had plenty of lube on hand, but there was enough precum flowing some guys were making their own.

To be the right fit, you should be athletic, masculine, under 40, discreet, no STDs, and be able to have decent people skills. Specifically, we are NOT looking for guys who obviously don't hit the gym or are over 40. Nothing against you guys who are, that's just a different set of stats than our group. Someone recently characterized the stats we are looking for as "gym bros", which would probably be an accurate description: Guys whose bodies show results and definition from the gym, but who you would never guess they'd ever grab another dude's cock and stroke it. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bachelor Party

I was looking forward to my friend’s bachelor party and wedding. We were teammates on my college soccer team and had kept in touch over the past ten years since graduation. There would be a number of other teammates at the wedding, too.  

Cody was still in great shape, 5ft11, 165, blonde, brown and solid.  All of the other guys coming to the bachelor party were cool, too.  His best man had put together a good night of activities. We were headed out to golf, then grab dinner and go gambling at the local casino. He had a stripper planned for when we got back to the hotel at the end of the night.

Was so much fun to hang with the guys that helped shape my college experience. As a soccer team, we would travel quite a bit and spent a lot of time together.  We would shower together, room together and sometimes have a circle jerk. All the guys loved pussy back then and used the circle as a way to bond together and get a quick release.

To be continued…

Friday, June 27, 2014

Recruiting New Members for RVA Jackers!

Recruiting New Members for RVA Jackers!

We are now recruiting new members for the RVA Jackers circle jerk group. What are we looking for?

Guys between 20-40 who are:

  • In good shape (you don't have to be a gym rat but need to take care of yourself and exercise). Get rid of that belly if you want to join in.

  • Discreet. This is MUST. Whatever happens at RVA Jackers stays in the group.

  • Masculine. No Fems.

  • STD-free.

  • Married guys or guys with girlfriends, jocks, current or former fraternity guys are a plus

    Chill, laid-back guys

Interested In Learning More??

If you are interested, send an email, along with stats and a torso pic to rvajackers@gmail.com

I will be meeting with any guys that are interested for coffee/beer to screen them.

********This is a private group, so not everyone will be accepted into the group. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Destiny in Daytona

It had been a rough couple of weeks working in the blazing sun scraping and painting the monstrous old house for Trent's grandmother. My friend had easily conned me into helping with the massive project by offering to split the $2,500 she had promised for getting it done. Thankfully we were nearing the end of the job.

"Think about it, Kevin. It's almost as much as we would make slaving all summer flipping burgers part time and we would have time to do that road trip we talked about." It was a most tempting and convincing argument that Trent made. Both of us had just graduated high school and would be going off to separate colleges in the fall and wanted to do something special during what we saw as our last 'fun' summer. As we were finally carefully applying the final trim paint to the overhang more than two stories in the air, the potential of a week doing Disney World and the beaches of Daytona suddenly seemed to transpose from dream to reality. 

When we took a needed break to put some liquid back in our sweat drained bodies, Trent added a new idea to the plans we had been making. "Ya know, Kevin, I got to thinking of a way we could do this Florida trip and still have some cash left over too."

I looked over at Trent and took in how all the exposure to the sun had given his six foot frame a rather nice tan. Both of us had rarely worn more than cut offs and sneaks while we worked and I only hoped that my skin had also darkened as well as his had. I couldn't help but notice also, that his happy trail and belly and leg fuzz had bleached out from all the sun, much the same as the usually sandy colored hair on his head. "Do I dare ask what your crazy mind came up with?" I finally responded with.

"Well, I ran into Greg at the mall game room last night. First time I had seen him since graduation and told him what we had been up to and had planned." He paused a moment to sip on the Coke he had and then went on. "He wants to know if he can come along too. If we round up one other guy we can cut a bunch of the expenses in half instantly." 

I took a slug of my soda and thought a little. Greg was a decent guy from what I knew of him and figured I could put up with almost anyone for just one week. "That makes sense, Trent. What do you think?"

"I think it makes too much sense. Hell...just what we would save by splitting the motel bill four ways instead of two, will almost cover hitting Disney World. Same deal with the gas...there is a big chunk of our food bucks for the week. The real question is where do we find number four on a short notice?"

"There is always Craigslist if we wanna live dangerously," I joked. My mind began rapidly trolling through the list of friends that I knew didn't have summer jobs and might have access to the needed funds. Only one came to mind and I almost didn't want to mention the name. "You have no ideas Trent?" I begged instead.

"Not really. Everyone is either locked into a summer job or have 'rents that would pitch a shit fit at the idea of four guys running loose in Florida. You know...that 'naked and drunk - rape, pillage, and plunder scene' they all visualize thanks to all the spring break reputations." Trent laughed and put the Coke can back to his lips waiting for me to come up with the solution. 

"Well..." I began slowly, "...there is one possibility but I don't know if you will like it."

"So try me."

"Ethan," was my one word answer wanting to see Trent's reaction before I said more.

"Ethan? Chess club, honor society, nerd boy Ethan?" Trent rolled his eyes but then quickly added, "What made you think of him?"

"He overheard us talking about the trip at the graduation party and asked me later if there was any chance of going too. I kinda blew him off at the time, but he may be our only option at this point. He really isn't all that bad other than coming across as a terminal virgin." 

Trent laughed. "No kidding! I bet his right hand is even virgin!" Trent crushed the Coke can after finishing it and sighed. "Not exactly the top of the list for me, but if you and Greg think you can cope with him, so will I."

"You sure? I'll call and ask him if you are."

"Yeah...why not? If he gets to be too much of a pain in the ass, we will just bury him in the sand on the beach or ditch him at Disney." The grin on Trent's face told me he was at least partially kidding. 

"You talk to Greg first and if he is cool with the idea, then I'll call Ethan. He probably will be since it will cut the cost for him too. Greg seems pretty laid back."

"Yeah he really is once you get to know him a lot better. You guys will be buds like we are by the time we get back."

I stood up and looked over at the ladders propped against the house. "Back to the grind so we can finish this up maybe tomorrow?" I suggestively questioned.

Trent jumped to his feet also. "Sounds like a plan to me. Figure tomorrow and one more half day for all the little details grams will find to whine about, and then we can concentrate on getting the road trip finalized." 

* * * * *

Ten days later, the four of us were jamming our luggage, several bags of munchies, and a cooler filed with ice and Cokes into the back of Trent's older, but dependable, Ford Explorer. My Firebird would have probably gotten a little better gas mileage, but we decided to give up the few extra miles per gallon for the comfort and space his vehicle would provide. We had decided to take off early in the evening and; other than gas, food, and pee pit stops; drive pretty much straight through to Daytona. If all went according to plan, we would be checked into the motel and still be able to get in a little beach time the next afternoon. After a quick stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for dinner, we were soon rolling down I-77 south just a slight notch above the speed limit. 

"One down, five more to go," Trent announced from the driver's seat as we crossed over the Ohio River into West Virginia 45 minutes later. Each following state line...Virginia, North & South Carolina, and Georgia...were ticked off in a similar manner until we all cheered as the huge 'Welcome to Florida' sign loomed ahead. 

The long trip had been an interesting one. Mainly due to the fact that even though we all knew each other by sight, only Trent and I had a previous close friendship. During the hours of travel, we all traded stories and histories and future plans so that by the time we were searching for the correct exit ramp in Daytona, we were well beyond acquaintance level and working on buddy status. Greg and I had begun to bond quickly after we discovered we would both be attending Ohio University in Athens that fall and had been assigned to the same freshman dorm. Trent had gone straight into his typical 'never met a stranger' mode and kept us all talking and laughing. Ethan did his best to fit in and sometimes tried too hard, but the rest of us overlooked his excessiveness as much as we could. When we were finally pulling in the entrance to the Sherwood Motel, it was still obvious that we were a mixed bag of assorted teenage confidence and angst, that would hopefully be closer friends after a week together.

It only took a few minutes to get checked in. It was an older place, but with required conveniences like air conditioning, a mini-fridge, cable, right on the beach, and most importantly: had a very attractive weekly rate. The just-short-of-elderly desk clerk gave us the once-over about a half dozen times. Obviously a little concerned that four teenage boys could get overly rowdy, he handed over two room keys with a pleasant "Enjoy your stay," coupled with the caveat of, "but keep it under control please." 

We all adopted the most angelic 'good boys' look we could muster, as Trent promised, "You won't even know we are here except when we raid the ice machine." Minutes later we were lugging our stuff up to the second floor room that would be home for the next six days. 

* * * * *

"It's not all that bad," Ethan stated as we entered the room. 

"Other than being decorated like a 1970's porno movie set," Greg quickly added with a laugh as he looked over the dated furniture and gaudy wallpaper and paint scheme. 

"Aren't those paintings above the beds the same ones that were in 'Deep Throat?' I added to the critiquing. 

Greg and Ethan laughed as Trent popped me a fist punch to the shoulder. "Leave it to my best friend to be looking at the art work in the background while watching a porn flick," he jested. "Sometimes I really wonder about you, Kevin." 

"Fuck you. We all know what YOU are doing when you watch porn," I joked back as I made an open fist and jerked it rapidly back and forth in front of my crotch at him.

Trent flipped me the bird. Greg laughed again. Ethan blushed. 

"The sun and surf are both still up. We gonna hit the beach or what?" I questioned as I tossed my suitcase on a bed and opened it. By the time I had found my trunks, everyone else was digging in their own luggage for their swim suits also. I had assumed that since we had all survived years of gym classes and locker rooms, that modesty was nothing to worry about between us and began stripping to change. I was a little shocked though, since while both Trent and Greg followed suit, Ethan took his board shorts and went to the bathroom to change. The three of us all shot each other a set of rolling eyes and shared quiet snickers. 

"We gotta take him to a strip joint while we are down here," Trent suggested in a low voice. "It would be worth the bucks just for the entertainment of seeing his face with a babe shaking her tits in it."

"I'm up for that idea...with or without Ethan," Greg quickly replied along with a blatant grope of his package. 

"You are such a horn dog, Greg," Trent teased.

Greg grabbed his box again, before speaking. "What can I say...I found a toy I like and it needs motivation sometimes." 

We were all still laughing and trading barbs when Ethan rejoined us already changed into his beach clothes. "I had to pee first, but I'm ready now too, guys," was the poorly veiled alibi he used. 

I turned and whispered to Greg. "Wanna bet he brought along pajamas to wear to bed too?"

"No bet dude unless you give me 3-to-1 odds that they are both bottoms and tops," he whispered back with a big smirk on his face. 

"Let's get this show on the road and get some sand between our toes," Trent said taking charge yet again and pulling open the door.

Minutes later we were wading into the Atlantic and for the first time that summer, I was truly enjoying the feel of the sun beating down on my nearly bare torso. When I glanced at Trent a few yards away, the look on his face said he was probably thinking the same thing and that all the work we had put in on his grandmother's house had been worth it in order to be able to enjoy this experience.

* * * * *

We spent about an hour just playing in the breaking waves and walking up and down the world famous beach. My mind wandered as Trent and Greg teased each other constantly about who saw the newest bikini-clad babe first and Ethan stared at every female on the sand like a hungry five-year-old in a candy store but scared to death of getting a cavity. "We sure are a great example of diversity in the male teen," I thought to myself as I looked over my three friends as we walked along. 

Trent could have been the babe-magnet with his tall frame, natural athletic build, and good looks. The tan and bleached out hair added to his looks and his deep green eyes could mesmerize a person. He bragged a lot, but I knew from private discussions between us, that his conquests were quite limited.

Greg was taller than Trent by a good three inches, but hadn't fully filled out yet giving him somewhat of a fence post appearance. His long blond hair and deep blue eyes made up for the lack of a good build though and his rapier wit made getting to know him and like him very easy. He didn't talk that much about past experiences with chicks, and I presumed he was like the rest of us: still a virgin. 

Ethan. Poor Ethan. Probably would never grow much more than his current five-foot-seven and with just enough pudge to make him look even shorter. His jet black hair would have been a plus if it was just on his head; but his body was almost as hairy as a bear cub. His dark brown eyes seemed to always have a bit of sadness in them...or maybe it was just an effect of the huge black eyebrows that sat above them. There were some serious self-confidence issues there also, and hopefully this week with the rest of us would help that.

Then there was me. Kevin. Good old totally average as hell, Kevin. I had maxed at five-foot-ten when I was a sophomore. My body was neither buff, nor scrawny...just average. My hair was a boring mousey brown and my eyes were a shade of steel blue that was neither intriguing nor interesting...just average. Even my cock at six inches cursed me to being so completely run of the mill that I could qualify as 'the typical average American male'. The only thing that didn't fit in the 'average' category, was the deeply held secret of how I was finding myself more and more attracted to other guys. 

My wandering thoughts were suddenly broken by Trent. "Anybody else getting hungry?" he asked as we neared the beach entrance to our motel. 

A chorus of 'yeses' came from all three of us and we started discussing the options. Pizza from the place down the street seemed to top the list and we headed back for our room to place a pick up order. All the driving, playing in the surf, and the long walk had us in a mood to just chill for the rest of the night and get a good night's sleep in preparation for the first full day of fun.

Once back in the room, we decided on two pizzas and were down to arguing over the toppings. While Trent, Ethan, and I worked on options, Greg made his choice simple: "Just get one with anything but anchovies and mushrooms and I'll be happy." With that declaration, he turned on the TV and flopped down in the chair nearest it. He stayed busy flipping through channels while the rest of us made the decisions for the pizzas. By the time Trent was calling in the order from the phone on the nightstand between the two beds, Greg had found the pay-per-view pornos and was fixated.

"Dude! Don't be running up a bill for those things," I ordered from the seat I had been occupying on the bed.

"I'm not man. These are just the free tease previews. There are like 20 of them and they are all just 3 or 4 minutes long. It's all hard core action and almost as good as a full movie since the plots always suck anyway." 

Ethan was sitting on the bed farthest from the television; totally silent but with his eyes drilling through the screen.

Trent hung the phone up and walked over close enough to see that Greg had his hand down in his board shorts. "Damn Greg..." he began, "...just whip it out and take care of it if you are that horny already."

To all our shock, Greg simply replied, "OK." He stood up and with a smile on his face, pushed his board shorts to his knees, sat back down, and was immediately working his cock if the arm motions I could see from my position were any indication. 

Trent laughed nervously and stepped back while giving me a 'what the fuck?' look. We both shifted our eyes to Ethan and saw he had an expression on his face that said he was close to having a heart attack or a stroke. Where he was sitting on the edge of the far bed made it impossible to miss anything Greg was doing. "I wanna go help pick up the pizzas," was all he was able to get out. 

"Come on then," Trent told him as he walked quickly to the door. He looked over at me with the unasked question of "You coming too?"

I glanced over at Greg who was in his own world at that point, then shrugged my shoulders and shook my head no before laying back on the bed. "I am all walked out...you guys go and I will just lay here and hope he doesn't get too noisy." I added a snicker as I watched Ethan practically drag Trent through the door. After I was certain the two of them were gone for a while, I raised up and moved over to the chair next to the one Greg was in. "You do know that you probably just caused Ethan to need to get counseling when we get back home, don't you?" I quipped. 

Greg looked over at me as he kept up the methodical stroking of the very impressive piece of flesh in his palm. "You really think so, Kevin?"

"Yeah...I doubt if he has ever beat off, much less seen someone else doing it. Kinda freaked Trent a little too, I think." Watching Greg had stimulated me enough that my own hand had started gently squeezing the bulge that had formed in my trunks.

"Doesn't seem to bother you though." 

I laughed and replied, "I spent too many years at scout camp to get bent over a little stroking action between friends." I pushed my waistband down enough to free my own chubby before going on. "This won't be my first circle jerk," was added as I gripped myself. My eyes darted back and forth between the TV screen and Greg's hand once I began working my hard shaft. 

Greg smiled at me and relaxed into the chair even more than he had been. "I think it's kinda cool to whack off with somebody else...know what I mean?"

I grinned and then stared shamelessly at his dick. "If I had that kind of meat, I would show it off a lot too. How fucking big IS that monster anyway?" 

"Just eight and a half." 


Greg let out something between a laugh and a giggle as he grabbed himself at the base and waved it at me like a baseball bat. "OK, so it's a little bigger than average," was the obviously sarcastic reply. He looked down between my spread legs and smiled. "Yours is thicker than mine though. And you have bigger balls and that's where all the action comes from. Bet you blow a big load."

"Usually splatter myself pretty good if you want me to be honest." The eroticism of not only pounding off in front of each other, but talking intimately while we did had me harder than concrete and my balls already begging for release. I was also being tempted to take this situation to another level I wasn't sure would be welcome and definitely didn't have the time for even if it would be. "We best bring this home before Trent and Ethan show back up too, or we may end up sleeping in the lounge chairs on the pool patio," I warned. 

Greg smiled at me, leaned up to the edge of his chair, pushed his suit the rest of the way to his ankles, and increased the tempo of his yanks. "I wanna see you cum, Kevin. Beat it faster."

The words alone almost took me over the edge, but our eyes being fixed on each other's cocks as we jerked was the tipping point. I quickly forced my trunks to the floor also, pressed into the back of my chair, stretched my legs out as I felt my entire body go rigid, and took a couple final strokes before letting out a deep moan as we both exploded at the same time. As the ropes of my spew splashed all the way to my face, I watched Greg's equally impressive eruption drench everything from his pubes to his pecs in white. 

"Fuckin' hot," was all Greg said before he jumped up to get a towel from the bathroom. 

As we quickly completed the mop up phase and once we got our wilted tools packed back away, I chanced a comment. "I think you liked that as much as I did, Greg." 

He grinned and then offered back, "Enough that I hope it won't be the only time this week buddy." The wink he tacked on at the end said so much, yet nothing at all.

"Well, just one thing though...Trent has his limits on what is cool, and I really think you may have permanently damaged Ethan's mind some, so we do need to be a little more discreet around the two of them."

"I get your drift, Kevin. Even though every guy knows damn well that every other guy jacks off, I know I pushed it with both of them. You, I kinda pegged as being a little more open, so it's all copasetic. We will just have to work out our own play time as we can without causing shit, I guess."