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Friday, July 26, 2013

How Does This Work?

So how does this work?

The plan is to meet as a group every other month for some mutual j/o. We will get a hotel and everyone will help pitch in for the cost ($15-20). College students kick in $5. There will be some time for guys to meet each other and then we will put on some porn and get some lube for jackin.

I'm looking to put together a chill, fun scene for guys to get a release and have a good time with a good group of guys. No assholes allowed.

We will also have some themes once in a while:  Gear Night (jocks, soccer gear, football gear),  Fleshlight Night (help each other with a Fleshlight) and Bukkake Night (pick one guy (volunteer) and all jizz on his chest.  I'm up for other suggestions on themes. Just hit me up at rvajackers@gmail.com

What are the Groundrules?

- No Drugs
- Respect Each Other

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