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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Circle Jerk Story

It all started freshmen year homecoming. I was just starting to really hang out with all the dudes from my football team and we all got along pretty well. There was a group of us that was pretty tight and most of us are actually still best friends today, but anyway this particular group of kids all slept at one of our buddies houses. I was pretty much the only kid from my grade school to hang out with this group of kids, because they had all gone to grade school together, and I just kind of joined their group when we all got to high school. So we finish the dance and finish dinner after the dance, because that was the cool thing to do as a freshmen, and go back to this kids house for a sleepover. Well we were all dickin around playing video games and doing whatever when someone turns on girls gone wild infomercials. I'm sure everyone knows what those are. No one had any objections because we were all a bunch of horny little fucks. I wasn't really sure how they're sleepovers went in grade school, but my sleepovers in grade school consisted of videogames and maybe some porn, and if you were gonna jack off, you would go to the bathroom and do it on your own.... So were all sitting there watching girls gone wild, and all my buddies all start playin with their dicks, which I didn't think much about because I was rubbin my dick too, but then I started to see boners poppin up all around me and everyone just makes fun of everyone else for having boners, but everybody keeps rubbing their dick. I didn't know what to make of this situation, because I didn't think guys were supposed to do this type of thing together, but I was like fuck it whatever I don't care so I got dick hard too. It was a pretty homoerotic situation actually, because one of my buddies started chasing everyone around the house with his boner, again, I didn't think guys did this type of thing. So we go on watching the girls gone wild infomercials and a couple of my buddies just start jacking off right there and then they get off in front of all the other guys that were there. At this point I stopped playin with myself and kind of just chilled because I was pretty weirded out by what was going on around me to be totally honest. This was my first circle jerk experience, but there were many more over the next year or so. Once I learned how my new group of friends worked, I slowly became more comfortable everything. I was on the football team with all these kids, so of course I've seen them all naked in the lockeroom before, but being naked in the lockeroom, and jacking off together were two completley different things. So down the road a few months when I was used to jackin off at sleepovers with my bros, we slept at one of our friends house and we brought over a porno DVD, and this particular sleep over stands out in my mind because I remember being naked for quite a while. So we just did normal stuff at our sleepovers like play some bball play poker play video games, but once it gets to a certain point, everybody just gets real horny for some reason. I think the particular thing that got everyone thinkin about jacking off at this sleepover was one of our friends went into the clost by himself for a few minutes and everyone suspected he was beating off, so we of course send someone to rip open the closet doors so everyone can see if he was or not. When the doors get ripped open I remember my buddy standing there buck ass naked with a huge woody, and I remember it so vividly because he had a huge fucken bush, this kid was hairless everywhere else on his body but for some reason had a gigantic bush, which had prolli been growing since he hit puberty. So once we caught this kid jerking off, we of course just made fun of him, but instead of just ripping on this kid for the rest of his life, everyone kind of was just like eh, I kinda want to beat off too. So we all start watching porn, and everyone got naked except for a blanket or something and we started tuggin our dicks together. I had become pretty daring at this point and I remembered seeing some jergens lotion in the bathroom earlier in the night, so I went out to get it, and I put a huge glob on my dick and just started going to town. of course this was loud as hell and we were all sitting next to eachother huddled around a screen, but I figured since we were all jacking off together no one would object to me using some lotion because I was starting to chaif pretty badly. I was right, not only did no one object, but the lotion was passed around to everyone. So once we all got off, we decided to go play some more poker, but no one got dressed, eveyrone just kind of stayed wrapped up in their blankets. After playing poker and eating pizza rolls (I don't know why you need to know about the pizza rolls, it was just a part of the night that I remember) for a while we all were getting kind of bored. As I said before I started to get more comfortable with these guys and pretty daring, so I was like, yeah well I'm still pretty horny and I could definitley jerk off again, and most of them shared my enthusiasm, a couple were all chaifed and didn't want to further damage their dicks. So we all started watching porn again and pulled on our dicks til we all got off. We had countless circle jerks freshmen and sophomore year, and no one thought anything of it, it wasn't gay or anything. It was just a bunch of buddies who were horny as shit getting off. Its not like we ever grabbed eachothers dicks and started stroking eachother off. But anyway, the circle jerks went on for a while, and then at some point other kids in school found out, which still wasn't a big deal because we all played football and the most popular kids in school, all the girls still wanted our dicks, but as more and more people got word of it, it eventually made its way to the varsity football team. we were sophomores at the time, and most of our older brothers were on the varsity football team, so they all ripped on us so bad when they found out. I recall an all school assembly when the varsity football team started a chant that said "SOPHOMORE C-J clap clap clap clap clap" So that was kind of embaressing, but like I said we were the shit, and the girls didn't stop wanting our dicks, so it was quickly forgotten. I'm sure there are quite a few more circle jerk stories i could tell you guys about, but unfortunatley none of them ended in me getting my dick touched by one of my buddies or me grabbing one of my buddies dicks, so it wouldn't be worth it to tell you anymore. Honestly though now that I think about it, I'm not even attracted to any of my buddies, they are all like my brothers, They would do anything for me and I would do anything for them.

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