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Monday, November 18, 2013

Alex and the Great Outdoors

Alex and the Great Outdoors

Pent up. Pent up and bored was all Alex felt. His prediction of a dull time spent visiting his grandmother had been accurate. Nothing to do around the small, rickety house, and the blisteringly hot Virginia summer was in full swing, leaving Alex bereft of anything to fill his time. The somewhat reclusive nature of Alex's grandmother meant that, in addition to the already crushing malaise, Alex was unable to... relieve, certain pressures. As a young man of 18, Alex wasn't used to such a lapse in his 'me time', and as such he was rapidly becoming uncomfortable with his burgeoning desire for a little release.

Some little respite came in the form of his, now undeniably treasured, cell phone. While Alex was cut off from contact in a physical sense, his social life continued in absentia, his phone the only lifeline to the real world back home in Chicago, well away from this loathsome shack situated miles from anywhere and anyone. Despite the heat, Alex had made a few brief trips away from the his grandmother's house, only to find yet more dull, uninhabited fields, kept company only by the birds and buzzing flies. However, Alex's malaise was about to take an interesting turn.

It was mid-evening, the sun not yet set, when Alex, mindful of a brief remission from the overbearing heat outside, decided out of sheer listlessness to go out for a walk. He dressed himself in a fitted white T-shirt and a pair of kight shorts, then reverentially sliding his cell into a pocket he set off along the track away from the house.

Alex had walked some considerable distance before a vibration from his phone took him up short. A text, just another reminder of his situation thought Alex, but upon opening up his phone and reading the short message, his heart near skipped a beat. Christina! Not any mere mortal but the beautiful Christina! It took barely a moment for her name to conjure up lustful thoughts, and the content of the text, a nonchalant, yet playful, "Wanna hang out sometime ;)" set Alex's pulse racing. Christina wasn't any normal 18 year old girl, she was special. She had a certain way about her that reminded Alex of a movie star, and she certainly had the looks for it. Tallish, blonde and well endowed, Christina was a point of adoration for many a guy back home, and for her to be interested in Alex of all people! The sad fact of Alex's isolation tasted only more bitter in the wake of this revelation, and as tantalising as the offer was, there was no way to escape his dixie trappings and return to his own, real home.

Christina's message had done more than stir Alex's heart however, and even in the warmth of the evening Alex could feel a certain heat about his groin and a little knot in his stomach. The past days of somewhat supervised existence had left Alex painfully horny, he felt his libido rising with each passing day and night. When Alex had set out from the house he had, in light of the dry heat, chosen to leave any underclothes off, and now as he walked down the road Alex became aware of the gentle rubbing of his shorts against his soft cock. A flurry of excitement swept through his body, and Alex looked behind, then all about himself, checking that he was truly alone on this dusty path. Satisfied, Alex reached beneath his shirt and touched his left nipple, making smooth circles around it with his deft fingers, making it hard enough that it could be seen poking through his shirt. He licked his fingers and touched the other, enjoying the cool sensation on his body, feeling his wanton ache intensify as he toyed with himself.

Alex adjusted his shorts, pulling them a little tighter against his body, and feeling the soft material glide across his sensitive foreskin. In light of the heat, Alex removed his shirt, displaying his lithe teenage body to the sweltering sun, his hard nipples feeling the warm kiss of the evening light. Alex had never been any form of exhibitionist, but this openness stoked a fire deep within his sexuality that enticed him to do just a little more.

Alex looked around again, and upon seeing nothing suspicious, eased the zip down on his shorts, letting the fly hang open, his shorts held aloft only by the button above. Alex was tingling with excitement as he slowly, reverentially, slipped a finger through the zip and brushed his cock head. Alex's penis stirred, stiffening up a little as he gradually slipped his shorts further down his body and pulled his balls and cock through his fly. As he walked along, Alex admired his large, heavy balls, filled to the brim with thick, creamy cum, and watched as his semi-erect cock perched atop them, bouncing this way and that with each step he took. The fading sunlight felt good as it illuminated his proudly displayed genitals, and Alex instinctively reached down and cupped his heavy balls, feeling their weight and caressing the soft skin. He moved his hand and slid up onto the underside of his sunlit cock, massaging it's length, easing his palm up and down the smooth skin of his shaft. Alex reached for the button of his shorts and allowed gravity to drop them to his ankles, exposing his pert buttocks and dark,trimmed pubic hair.

Alex removed his shoes and became fully naked, glowing in the evening sun. As he ran his long fingers down his chest, lightly pinching each nipple on his way down, Alex knew that he could no longer contain himself. Scanning around, Alex noticed a small copse of trees not far from him, and gathering up his discarded clothing, watched as his cock bounced wildly as he jogged over to the grove. Throwing his clothing down in a heap, Alex sought a suitable tree to lean against while he indulged, selecting an arched sapling and wandering towards it. Alex felt the warm bark in his hands and the dryness of the earth beneath his bare feet, and leaning his back against the sapling he lowered himself down onto the ground, his firm buttocks alighting on the earth as he sat. Leaning against the young tree, Alex was finally ready to take himself in hand. He started slowly, running his hands over his chest and belly, flicking at his nipples, then finally descending upon his stiffening cock and full balls.

Gently, Alex drew back his foreskin, exposing the large purple head beneath. His cock was by now beyond a mere semi, hardening as he touched his shaft and toyed with his foreskin. Leaning harder upon the tree, Alex drew his knees up and parted his legs, making his hard cock stand up prominently, the tight skin quivering with anticipation as Alex began to masturbate. Long strokes, up and down the length of his cock, pausing now and then upon his glistening head, angling it backwards as a translucent droplet of pre-cum appeared as the tip, then lazily streamed down his head and onto his shaft.

Alex was lost in pleasure. As his arousal peaked, more pre-cum began to flow from his dick, and soon he was well lubricated and jerking faster, his hand running along his length, his finger tickling the underside of his swollen, quivering penis. Alex could feel the orgasm building deep inside of him, as well as the explosion of thick, white cum that would herald it's arrival. Bombarded with new feelings, Alex moaned and shuddered as the moment came close, sensing his load waiting to be released. With a long, final moan, Alex came harder than he ever had before, his hips thrusting as his thick, gooey cum spurted in long, thick blobs from his rock hard cock, landing all over his belly and mingling amongst his pubic hair.

Alex was stunned. He sat there on the warm earth for minutes before he could think clearly again, enjoying his prolonged orgasm for all it was worth. His cum-covered cock maintained a semi-erect posture before eventually flopping down onto his outstretched leg, dripping yet more seed onto his thigh.

Perhaps, Alex thought, this vacation might not be quite so boring after all.

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