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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jack Off Buddy

The Jack Off Sessions
James closed the drapes, darkening the living room of his parents house while Brent inserted the DVD into the machine. With a press of a button, the movie started.

The room was average sized. There was a beige corduroy couch with a small coffee table in front of it directly across from the covered windows. Against the wall to the right of the couch was a bookshelf, locked liquor cabinet, fireplace and a rack of entertainment equipment, video game consoles, tapes and DVDs. Set in the far corner of the room was a large widescreen T.V., James' pride and joy. The room opened up into the foyer, which led into the kitchen and hallway where the bedrooms were. All of which were empty, except for the one James and Brent were in.

This is where they often ended up after school. James' parents were usually at work when he got home and didn't come back until later in the evening, so there was never any real worry of interruption. This privacy was exactly what they required.


It began over the summer before Brent's senior year of high school. Because of new zoning laws, James was to start going to a new high school the same distance from his house, but in a completely different part of town. Since Kindergarden they had the same classes and this change was indeed a big one. But although they would no longer be seeing a lot less of each other, they didn't worry about loosing touch as they had been best friends since childhood. Their bond could not be broken with a mere change in schools.

They always hung out together and this day began no different than any other average summer weekday. They sat on the couch in the living room playing video games, whiling away the time, avoiding the unbearable heat outside.

"Where's your mom? She's usually always home around this time. She at the store or something?" Brent asked absentmindedly as he guided his video game character across the screen.

"Nah, she works days now. You know what that means? With my dad overseas with the company, mom at work, sister back at college since last week... the house is mine most of the day for the rest of the summer. And guess what else?" James looked over the spine of a penthouse magazine from his personal stash at Brent.

Brent paused the game. "What else?" He gave James a quizzical look.

"Well... I was bored out of my mind the other day and started snooping around the house and... lemme just show you what I found." James said getting up. He lead Brent into the master bedroom and straight toward the walk in closet. He opened the door and turned on the light. It was easy to tell which side belonged to his mom and dad by the types of clothes hanging on the racks and the sheer volume of it on his mom's side. James pointed to a box on the top shelf on his dad's side.

With a smirk on his face, James said, "Gimme a hand with this huh," as he reached up and inched a cardboard box used for printer paper over the edge. They both guided the heavy box down only for James to carry the mystery box back into the living room without opening it or saying a word.

"Dude, what the hell's in there? The suspense is killing me." Brent said sarcastically as they made their way back to the front of the house. James placed the box down on the floor and flipped the top open.

"Whoa." Brent gasped in amazement.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I said when I found it." James replied proudly.

"Videos... magazines... lube... geez, your dad didn't mess around did he?" James and Brent sat in the middle of the living room floor pulling items out of the box, looking at the ones that caught their attention. The next half hour was pretty quiet as they paged through the magazines. Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, it was a teenager's wet dream. Before long they both struggled to hide their growing erections.

Having grown up together, there weren't many secrets between James and Brent. They knew each other as well as they knew themselves. However sex was something that was pretty foreign to both of them. Although they each had their share of girlfriends, in the end they remained virgins due to one unfortunate circumstance or another. The talked about masturbation pretty often however, and shared magazines "to look at overnight," from time to time. But for the most part, neither had much experience. But with this new discovery, things were going to change.

"Hey, what time is your mom coming home anyway?"

"Around six, six thirty or so. Why?"

"Well, we have the house for a few hours. Why don't we put in one of these movies?"

"You read my mind!"

And that's how it began. Once the movie was started, the magazines were put down and a whole new world opened up to them. For the first time in their lives they watched a porno together.

She looked young to Brent, he guessed maybe 18 or 19 and in a way reminded him of one particular girl he went to school with. However, the innocence of her angelic face was contradicted by her ruby red lips wrapped around a meaty cock. She slurped on the thick erection with a voracity of a sex starved nymphomaniac, coating it with her saliva and paying special attention to the head.

Moments later she was on all fours, her full tits swung with every thrust from the man behind her. She cooed in delight as his engorged penis slid in and out of her shaved wet pussy. He pulled her blonde hair, arching her back and exciting her more. She pressed her heart shaped ass into him, grinding her pussy into the base of his cock as her juices visibly ran down her legs. He fondled her tits, squeezing her rock hard nipples and pumped his rod deep inside of her. She reached between her legs and gently massaged his balls smearing her pussy juice on them in the process.

Just then, James decided it would be a good idea to put something on a bit more comfortable and disappeared around the corner and into the hallway. Once in his room he quickly closed the door behind him. In a single motion he pulled down his jeans and underwear. His erect penis sprang into the air, hard and pointing straight at his face. He grabbed it and began to pump the shaft with a firm grip. Staring down at his penis he admired it's size.

"Seven and a quarter inches hard, that's gotta be bigger than average!" He thought to himself proudly. Stroking his meat at a steady pace, he studied his cock closely, admiring it's shape. From the base it bulged out to it's widest point just past the middle before tapering at the perfectly shaped head. He spit into his hand and began stroking more intensely.

Meanwhile, Brent fared just as poorly against temptation. As soon as he heard James' door close, he undid his jeans. His hard cock strained the material of his white briefs. He scooted up and pulled them down and under his ass exposing an eight and a half inch monster. It was as thick and hard as a metal pipe. A vein the width of a pencil snaked up the side of his cock and disappeared along the bottom ridge.

Although it was an incredible specimen, Brent was almost completely clueless as to how big it actually was. His only point of reference was found in magazines and porno movies. He was just as big as a handful of guys in the ones he had in his limited collection so he didn't think that anything was out of the ordinary. Additionally, he had never gotten close enough with any of his previous girlfriends for them to see let alone feel just how large his penis was. He always seemed to get involved with prudes that were more interested in grades than getting physical with great frustration. It was amazing that at the age of eighteen he still had no idea what an impressive unit he had.

As the scene in the movie became more frenzied, Brent realized that he couldn't control himself any longer. He would need to cum soon. With his free hand he pulled his shirt over his head and laid it down on the carpet. He got on his knees in front of it and stroked his throbbing cock while watching the scene unfold on the T.V.

Brent's balls tightened just as James turned the corner. At first James instantly focused on the T.V. The man was standing over the pretty blonde quickly stroking his erection next to her face. With a grunt, cum started shooting into her mouth in torrents. Her tongue stuck out catching as much as she could. She was smothered in the creamy fluid when he finally finished. The overflow slid down her chin and plopped on her big tits. Her eyes were sealed shut.

"Damn, look at all that cum........" James trailed off as his eyes refocused on Brent. His hand was pumping a massive erection larger than James had ever seen. Brent leaned over, using his free hand to hold himself up as cum blasted from his beast of a cock onto his shirt. One after another, he came creating a river of thick sticky seed on his makeshift cum collector. As his balls emptied, he realized that his best friend just caught him jacking off to orgasm..

"Damn, look at all that cum. Dude, if I knew you were going to do that, I wouldn't have jacked off in my room." James laughed as he flopped back on the couch pulling down his sweatpants to reveal his own quickly hardening erection.

For the rest of day they watched a few more dvds and jacked off together a couple more times. They bonded more that day than they ever had before. The experience they shared was one that they realized was very special... and very very fun. Soon it was almost six and Brent had to get home for dinner. But before he left, they agreed to keep what they did a secret between them and to meet up the following day for another jack off session.

These meetings continued as the weeks passed. Each time they became more and more comfortable with each other. The summer quickly zoomed by, marked with a jack off session almost every weekday when James' house was his. Although school soon started, they continued meeting up after class a few times a week or so.


"Cold outside man." Brent said as he began his ritual of stripping down after starting the movie of the afternoon. He pulled his sweater over his head and began undoing his pants.

"Yeah, I know. I almost froze my balls off walking home." James replied as he dropped his pants to reveal his semi hard penis dangling low between his legs.

Brent chuckled, "Dude, if you don't start wearing underwear you're gonna cum icicles." He finished peeling off his undershirt and pulled down his briefs exposing the obscene appendage dangling down past mid thigh.

James laughed, "I was wearing underwear, but I decided not to put them back on after gym class. You gotta try it sometime man, it feels good to not have anything on underneath. It's like freedom... for my dick." Completely naked now, he was laying down a beach towel in front of the T.V. He got up and turned toward the couch to find Brent already sitting on his towel working his cock to hardness.

"C'mon man, I'm gonna start without you."

"Gonna need this eventually!" James reached into a gym bag they used to store their porn and supplies next the couch and pulled out a bottle of lube they both chipped in for at the drug store.

"Good thinkin'." Brent said happily as James flopped into the soft couch next to him on the towel Brent laid out for him.

Brent focused back on the actress on the screen. She was a cute asian girl in a schoolgirl uniform in what looked like a locker room. She was making out with a guy that apparently was the captain of the football team. His hands ran down her slender body and squeezed her plump but athletic ass. "She really could pass for a senior cheerleader." Brent thought as his erection grew as his hands explored the ridges and valleys of his hardening erection.

James fiddled with the cap on the bottle of lube before turning it over and squeezing a few drops onto his hardening shaft. He placed the bottle between him and Brent and returned to working in the lube. He watched as the girl on the screen pulled off her top to reveal what he thought was an amazing figure. Her breasts were big with pink jutting nipples perfectly sized, her waist was small and her ass was full but firm. His erection was hard as could be as he fantasized what it must be like to suck on her nipples and slide his cock over her warm body.

Brent pushed down on his throbbing cock and pointed it straight ahead toward the action on the screen, extending it it's entire eight and a half inches. Eyes intently focused on the screen, he grabbed the bottle of lube with his left hand, popped it's top with his thumb and squirted a long line of the thick liquid across his shaft from the base all the way to the already glistening head. James focused his eyes on Brent as he did this. He watched as the lube slid down his massive appendage, running down the side and into the crease where the shaft and a thick vein met.

"I swear Brent, you're addicted to that stuff!" James laughed while stroking his own cock. Brent looked away from the porno and put the bottle back between them.

"Hey man, what can I say? Jacking off is so much better with a lot of lube. I don't know what i'd do without it!" Brent replied as he worked in the gooey liquid. His right hand slowly slid up and down the length of his engorged penis with an ever tightening grip while his left hand rolled his testicles gently, massaging the lube into his hairless scrotum. The slick coating made the entire region look shiny and wet.

James watched as if in a trance as excess lube pooled into a divot right above where the top of Brent's cock met his pubic bone. After several strokes it rolled down the sides of the base of his shaft, disappearing into the crease between his thighs and balls.

"I guess I used a little too much huh?" Brent joked as he spread his legs.

"Don't let any get on the couch man, my mom would kill me!" James said.

"Not to worry...," Brent replied. With his left hand, he ran his fingers down the side of his sack following where the liquid dripped. James looked on intently as Brent massaged some of the thick liquid into his perineum in a circular motion before finally cupping his hand and bringing the excess lube back over his balls, pausing a moment to massage his sack, then curling his fingers around the thick base of his cock, sliding it higher still to finally to meet with his pumping right hand. He then proceeded to double stroke his cock with both hands, making sure that all of the lube was evenly distributed.

"Never let a drop go wasted!" Brent said with a smirk as he squeezed his large cock head with his right hand and stroked the shaft with a tight grip using his left, working the lube into his exposed flesh.

Meanwhile James returned his gaze back to the television with extra vigor after watching Brent work his tool like a pro. He reached for the lube and drizzled a good amount more on his own hard cock.

On the television the big breasted asian girl squeezed her tits together while a big long cock slipped between them. With every pump she sucked on the engorged head. With every pull away, she made a popping noise as her full lips broke the seal. Her green eyes looked up at him filled with lust. Her hunger for his cock was palpable as she waited for it to return back to her warm wet mouth, licking her lips and whimpering as it slipped back in.

"She is so fucking hot." James moaned as he stroked his rod in rhythm with the guy on screen. He bit his bottom lip and gave the head of his cock a squeeze as the big breasted asian girl sucked. The man on the screen reached back and slid a finger into her bald wet pussy while he pumped his cock into her welcoming mouth. Two fingers were buried deep in her dripping slit, his thumb working on her engorged clit. She sucked him deeper and deeper until his balls slapped her chin and he was down her throat.

"My god, look at her swallow that cock! Can you believe that? Man, i'd love to slide my cock in her pretty little mouth and cum down her throat." Brent said making a twisting motion with his hand as it pistoned on his thick penis.

"I'd like to fuck that tight little pussy of hers and suck on those mellons." James added and his pace quickened.

The squeaking noise of lubed cocks being jacked off mixed with the moans on the screen. As if on que, the man in the movie pulled out of her throat and began to unload on her face.

"Dude, i'm gonna cum!" Brent said with shortened breath.

"Me too." James replied. pumping his shaft with increasing speed while tugging on his balls with his free hand.

"Together," they both said at the same time. They made eye contact, grinned, and got to their knees in front of the T.V.

Side by side they positioned themselves in front of the beach towel, both looking down on their own greased cocks and each others as they stroked quicker, with tighter grips. They both jutted out their hips in the direction of the T.V. as if the Asian pornstar was there in the room with them waiting to be covered with their seed. Their balls began to churn as the pressure increased. Their bodies shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy as each cock expanded to their maximum size, veins pulsing, heads throbbing, and suddenly exploded with cum. Jets of fuck juice rushed through their shafts and exploded out of their cocks, simultaneously arcing through the air like fountains of creamy liquid.

Two thick ropes of cum flew through the air and crashed down at the end of the towel with a heavy splat. Then another, and another as each pumped their hard cocks, milking the creamy cum out. James groaned as he slowed his rhythm, the oozing semen ran down his fingers, his balls, and down his his ass. He watched in awe as Bryce's muscles continued to contract, shooting more and more cum across the room. Seven, eight, nine big loads of cum landing on the towel with a splash into a pool of thick ejaculate. His pace eventually slowed as each pump released less and less cum with reduced intensity.

James was always amazed at the amount Brent could manage to shoot and couldn't help but to gape at his thick rod spewing shot after shot of man juice while he slowly stroked his own dick.

Finally, Brent collapsed backwards, his semi hard cock slapped his flat belly. He closed his eyes and moaned a long satisfying groan of pleasure. The fingers of his hands ran up and down his still twitching cock and massaged his balls as an orgasmic spasm shot an amazingly strong stream of cum diagonally across his chest and continued to shoot, finally oozing the last bit out of the throbbing tip, settling into a pool in his belly button.

James squeezed the last drop off cum out of his own shaft into the puddle on the towel and laid on his back next to Brent enjoying the euphoria of releasing such an intense load with his best friend. James focused back on the screen to see the cute green eyed asian girl scooping the cum off her face and tits into her mouth.

She grabbed her lovers cock, and milked the remaining juice into her mouth before swallowing it all. Wrapping her lips around his tool once last time, she sucked it while pulling it back out, cleaning off every last bit of cum. She looked into the camera, cock in hand, smiled and winked as the credits rolled.

The end... of one jack off session out of many.

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