Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Tower

I had been working out hard for the last three weeks and getting ready for my next race. Between double sessions each day (either run bike or swim run), I was pushing it hard. One of my training buddies and I had the same interest in jerking off with buds and I was definitely feeling the need to jack some cock. 

I sent him a text and agreed to meet up at a park that was pretty spread out, with trails and a tower that looked over the lake.  Once I pulled up, I could feel my cock straining with excitement. My bud got out of his car and we walked around the area near the tower to make sure no one was around. There was a couple walking further near the lake but no one close to the tower. 

We walked up the tower stairs.. about 4 flights to the top. As soon as we got to the top, I took my hand and cupped the outside of Jake’s jeans. His cock was already rock hard and ready to go. We dropped our jeans to our boxer briefs and began feeling each other’s hard body, defined by miles on the bike, in the pool and running.  

Finally, I took my hand and brought his boxer briefs to the ground and revealed his 8inch rock hard cock.  I took some lube and started stroking the huge head, playing with his balls. Jake then took my boxer briefs down and my cock bobbed to attention.  We took some more lube and poured it over our cocks and brought them together to stroke. Loved seeing two hard jock cocks together. We took turns stroking each other until we couldn’t take it and needed to release. Huge gobs of cum fell to the wooden tower floor and dripped through the cracks to the ground three stories below. 

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