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Friday, February 28, 2014

First Circle Jerk

Jack had never jerked off with guys before, but he was really turned on. His first thought when Sean mentioned circle jerks wasn't disgust but rather, "Why didn't I ever do anything like that?" Now was his chance. His stomach was in knots, but his cock was stirring to life.
"Okay." Jack answered. "I'm in."
"Phew." laughed Ryan, "I was going to feel like a moron if you both bailed."
Sean hoisted his jeans down and shoved a hand into his boxers. He and Ryan shot a look to Jack.
Jack unfastened his belt and loosened his jeans. His cock was getting hard as he began to massage his shaft. He looked back to Sean & Ryan, each wondering what would happen next.
"So, when you guys did this before, did you take out your cocks or what?" Ryan asked Sean.
Sean smiled "Yeah eventually. I mean the first few times we did everyone was private about it, but eventually we just sat around naked." He continued to stroke himself as he spoke. "We'd all seen each other naked in the locker room, so why hide it?"
"Good point" added Ryan. "I'm taking it out."
Ryan didn't waste time. He lowered his briefs along with his pants. His hard cock sprang free and slapped him in the gut. It was cut and bigger than average with a faintly purple head. Ryan wrapped his hand around his shaft and began stroking with a quicker pace. His other hand reached down to cup his balls.
"Wow. You guys better catch up. I may cum fast." warned Ryan.
Sean was next to follow suit. His pants were down to the ground in a second. He stepped out of them towards the other two as his freshly exposed manhood lead the way. Despite being the tallest of the bunch at 6"2 his uncut manhood was only just over average size. It grew proudly out of a dense patch of pubes, which contrasted Ryan's more kempt pubic hair. With one hand on his hip and his other on his cock he began to pump himself, matching pace with Ryan. His head arched back and he let out a contented sigh.
Jack was last to free himself. His bright blue briefs fell to his ankles along with his pants to expose his uncut seven inches. Jack palmed and it and began to push it with a downward stroke. It grew harder as he rhythmically massaged and rubbed it to life. Pre-cum started flowing from the tip of its head as beads of sweat formed all over his body. With his cock at full mast, he gripped it tightly with his right hand and began to jerk it.
The three guys looked at each other as their fists thrust over their dicks. They smiled and chuckled at the situation they'd so quickly found themselves in.
"What are you guys picturing?" asked Sean as he sped up the pace of his pumps.
Ryan was first to speak, "Actually that girl at the donut shop this morning with the dark hair, glasses and huge tits. I'm picturing giving her a creamy filling."
"Oh yeah, she was cute." Sean agreed, "Fuck I wish she was here right now, down on the ground between us all, sucking our cocks."
Jack could easily picture it. She was short and curvy with pale skin and bright blue eyes. She looked to be 18 or 19 at most. She had a tiny stud in her nose and thick-framed glasses. He imagined her big juicy tits bouncing up and down before him as she worked his cock with her left hand and Ryan's with her right.
"Ah fuck that'd be amazing." Ryan was really pounding away on his cock. "She had nice lips, I'll bet she gives great head." He slowed down for a second and opened his eyes, looking over at Jack.
Jack was stroking in earnest. His face was flushed and he knew his cock was getting close to erupting. This sexual situation had caught him entirely off guard, but he was really enjoying it. Three straight guys, unabashedly masturbating in front of one another.
"What about you Jack?" Ryan asked.
Jack didn't really have an answer. He was thinking a million things at once; how cute the girl at the donut shop was, and how amazing her tits were; what if someone else were to catch the three of them out there in this situation; how fucking hot this situation actually was; would the three of them do this again in the future?
"Just picturing that girl now that you mention it. What about you Sean?"
Sean smiled.
"Actually guys I'm not really picturing anything, just letting myself feel the sun warm my skin and my hand working my cock. This is fucking awesome."
Everyone's eyes were open now, watching each other pleasure themselves. Twenty minutes ago nobody could have predicted the situation they were in now, and just five minutes ago the tension between the three of them was palpable. Now the only remaining tension was about to be washed away.
Sean let out a short deep moan and thrust his pelvis forward. A white stream of cum erupted from his cock, arching out and forward into the center of the group. He stumbled forward and using his left hand he braced himself on Ryan's shoulder.
Taking it as a cue, Ryan began to groan as his load shot out of his throbbing dick. Three thick jets of cum sprayed from his cock and he too stumbled a bit, putting his left hand on Jack's shoulder.
Jack couldn't believe it but in a matter of seconds his two new friends had just ejaculated right in front of him, and he was about to as well. With his final effort he threw his left hand onto Sean's shoulder, so all three of them were linked for balance. Then all of his muscles flexed at once as his orgasm rippled through his body. A large splash of cum fell across the streams of semen already littering the ground in front of him.
The guys were catching their breath and basking in the afterglow for a few moments, but it wasn't long before Sean spoke up.
"Well." He said, looking at the cum on the ground down below them. "I knew my day would be filled with white splatter, but I didn't expect it like this."
They all laughed.
"I'm just glad I didn't get hit." Ryan added, and they all laughed even harder.
The three got dressed and made their way back to the car.
As they drove off to spend the day playing paintball, each one of them secretly wondered if they'd stop again on the way back.

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