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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Military School Circle Jerk

My Dad announced to me that I was just too wild and he and my mother had decided that I belong in a military school and that they have entered me in one in South Carolina, where I will be taught discipline. Atlanta, the closest place, was 150 miles away. There was nothing else of any consequence close to the school...

My company, "A" company, included the football team. One night I went out to the latrine to take a piss. It was late, as lights were out. One of the football players was pissing next to me. He was built like a bull, heavy and solid. I looked down at his cock. It was very fat but short. He said, "Hey, boy, you ever been to a beat-your-meat contest." I said, "No, sir, what are the rules." He said, "Follow me and you'll find out for yourself.     

We walked to the other side of the barracks, on the same floor where the football team lived. We walked into a dark room where there were 10 really chunky guys sitting nude in a circle playing with their cocks and watching each other. The only light was moonlight coming through the window. They made room for us and we sat down.

As my eyes got used to the light I looked at each one in the room. Boy they were big guys. I looked at their cocks. Not one was really long but wow, two of them had the fattest ones I had ever seen. They were almost like beer cans.

They all started jerking off watching each other and someone said, "First one to cum has got to blow the last one." We all laughed and continued wacking off. No one touched anyone but I felt someone's hand next to me, hidden from sight, feeling me.

We all came within a short while of each other and cum was all over the room and us. Some of the guys shot from 3 to 5 feet. We all put our hands on each other's shoulders and said "good night good buddy." No mention was ever made of these circle jerks but they would happen often, but only with the football team to my knowledge...

One day the football team was in the shower room after practice and so was I. They were fooling around grab-assing and making motions of grabbing each other's cocks without actually touching them. I watched to see who was serious and who was just playing games.

I noticed one of them with the beer can cock and massive chunky body was starting to get hard. I knew he had a room to himself as some of the football players had and I followed him from the shower. He invited me into his room, pulled down the shades, took off my towel wrapped around my waist, and said that "at that beat your meat contest, that was my hand on your ass."

He sat down on a wooden chair. He had a very wide ass, thick waist, and big chest. His body was hairless and hard as a rock, so much so that his rock hard big round ass seemed to touch the seat of the chair at only two points and didn't go flat.

We collapsed on the bed. I put my arms around this massive man and went to sleep. He woke me up and told me there would be another circle jerk late that night.

The circle jerk was at 1 A.M. but I went to my beer can cock early to pick him up. I said to him since you're on the football team why don't you suggest a circle "jerk your buddy" night, it might be even more fun. I didn't really think he'd say it but he did, when every guy in the room was hard. These big masculine guys were first hesitant but then one guy grabbed the guy next to him and there was a moan of pleasure. Everyone then did the same. Man you've never heard so many moans and groans. Cum was splattering all over the place. Not only did the guys put their arms on each other's shoulders after but every guy felt every guy's cock and balls.

The next time the football team was in the shower and I was there we really were good buddies and the camaraderie really showed. We horsed around but there were no holds barred. If you wanted to grab your buddy's cock you did. If a guy got a hard on in the shower we applauded now. No one got embarrassed.

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