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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The first time I saw a hardon

Me and Luke  used to spend most of our weekends at each others place. We were both 18 but did not have our licenses so we just rode our bikes around the streets either ending up at the Fern hill Shopping Plaza or each others house. Once when we were about 15 Luke said something about calloused palms but that was about as sex like the talk ever got between us. At 18 I knew Luke was hanging for it and he was convinced this girl Rowena Lehane was gonna be the one, me on the other hand...I did think Rowena was cute and she did have this hot looking ass (curvy without being huge) but I dunno...that sorta stuff didn't really seem right.

This is the story of the first time I saw another guy with a hardon. In my case it was Luke and man, at the time you don't know what to think, I mean you're not turned on more kinda shocked but not in a bad way, it's just kinda 'fuck!' Y' know.

It happened on a Saturday, we were sitting around my room (which is upstairs), I remember I could hear my sister mowing the lawn outside, I was sitting on the floor leaning on my bed and reading a magazine and Luke was sitting at the computer. From where I was sitting I couldn't see his face but I could clearly see under the desk where my computer was. I thought he was looking up info on university open days but I glanced up and straight off saw this huge fuckin' bulge in his trousers, it wasn't just that bump you get in the crotch when you sit down sometimes, it was a full on boner.

I got up all casually like and went and stood behind him. He was looking at some porno site, some of the pages had woman sitting naked with their legs apart but when you paged through the site it got to lesbian stuff and fucking.

"Look at this shit...it's free too...man" Luke didn't take his eyes off the screen, free porn was hard to get so everybody we knew kinda lapped it up when we found it.

"Fuck, theirs heaps of it...good too" I pretended I was looking over his shoulder at the screen but it was the severe rise in his trousers that had kinda hypnotized me. I was behind him so he couldn't see me looking. I was also getting a hardon but because my pants were baggy you couldn't see it real easily, not that it mattered after all a hardon in this situation was no big deal.

Then Luke did this thing that really spun me out - he leaned back in the chair and I guess without thinking started rubbing his hand on his crotch all the while not taking his eyes off the screen. I know my face woulda been going red and I was hanging to see what he'd do next...it wasn't like I was suddenly gay it was just that I'd never seen another guy with a real hardon. I'd seen semi-hardons in the gym at school but you always kinda wondered if they were erections starting to grow or just that the guys gotta abit heavy in the cock sometimes.

"Whooh" look at that bitch go", Luke pushed at the hard shaft inside his trousers.

I could sense that Luke was real keen to jerk off and truth was I wanted to do the same. I really wanted to see what another guys stiffy looked like. My mind was racing tryin' to figure out a way to make it happen. Then it got sorted.

Luke suddenly turned his head and just by luck he caught me looking at the screen instead of his crotch. He could see I was also hard as.

"Hot site ay" Luke's face was flushed looking - a mixture of horniness and embarrassment.

"Fuck yeah" I rubbed at my own crotch to make it clear we both had hardons and we both weren't gonna piss around and try to deny it.

Looking back at the screen Luke mumbled real quietly; "yeah...they work all right...."

Then we both kinda feel real silent. Even though I knew I was more gay sort of than him I knew we were both thinking along the same lines. I don't know what it is but you do kinda feel sexual energy coming off someone when they're real horny. Luke kept clicking through the pages but I knew both our minds had moved along and were thinking about the sex vibes that were filling my deadly silent bedroom.

Luke glanced back at me again and before he had time to turn his eyes back to the screen I put my hand down the front of my pants, I was lucky seeing as I had the ones on with elastic top - with this easy access I had my hand down my pants real quick. Straight off I got my hand inside my boxers and holding my cock pushed it hard against the fabric so he could see I had my hand on it. Right then I just wanted to jerk off together so I moved over to the other chair in the room and made it clear I was gonna pull myself off where he could see me.

Luke's face had gone real red by now but even so he swiveled my desk chair around and when he was facing me he started to unzip his trousers. Then after undoing the stud at the top kinda peeled them open and wow!! His fuckin' boner was sticking right out the front of his boxers. Luke's kinda smaller than me height wise but I was surprised to see his cock was real big, or big compared to mine anyway and I know mines not small.

We both then pulled our boxers and trousers down until they fell to our knee's, neither one of us made an effort to take off our shirts - besides it woulda been too hard seeing as our fists were on our hardons straight away.

After leaning back in our chairs when both started to hammer at our cocks, it was weird, like looking in a mirror - watching a fist going up and down real fast on a cock shaft. When I jerk off I really go wild on myself and start feelin' my balls and spreadin' my legs n' stuff but this time I kept it straight sort of. Both of us made a real point of not looking into each others face but neither one of us took our eyes of each other cocks. I dunno if people would believe this - we were being kinda gay but this also was about normal kinda curiosity - we did wanna see how another guy does it. I didn't use my usual techniques, it felt weird not spreading my legs and feeling my balls and even my ass crack but I thought I better not look too much like one of those porno bitches.

Luke's face was getting all this sweat dripping down the side, he really went red when he jerked off and he had this serious look of concentration on his face as he pounded his dick, I could see a drop of pre-cum shining on the tip of his dick as it bobbed in and out of his clenched fist. The smell of Lynx deode got kinda warm and strong in the room as it became clear we were both close to blowing.

"Gonna blow soon..." Luke said with a shaky croak in his voice. He then sat up in the chair and leant forward - he was planning on blowing on the floor and not his T-shirt - smart thinking seeing as where we were.

I did the same and jerking my cock hard I made sure to point the tip in the same direction as Luke. I wanted to see out cum soak into my bedroom carpet. See it sitting there from this hot jerk off session.

We were probably only a metre apart and leaning forward in our chairs we both looked down at each others sweaty cocks and our own pounding fists. The sound of skin rubbing fast against skin was the only sound aside from our low grunts and almost groans.

"Whoooh.....wooah.....wah....wah..wah wa..."

A blast of white cum shot up from Luke's crotch, flying in the air it missed the carpet and shot into a fold in my trousers. Another shot hit hard and hot against my leg, catching on my leg hairs it hang for a second before falling onto the floor.

Without thinking my head shot back as my cock blew, almost grunting I sent ribbons of cum shooting into the air between us, the first bolt of white cum landed square in Luke's hair, hanging there it soaked into the strands, as shot after shot of our cum loads laced onto the carpet. Strips of white cum splattered onto the floor before slowly soaking the fibers.

Breathing heavy and exhausted we slumped back in our chairs, still not looking at each other we kneaded and squeezed at our own cocks sending the last drops of juice oozing from our piss slits. Not bothering to pull up our trousers we lay back and looked at the ceiling. It didn't seem a bad thing, it didn't seem too weird or too gay it just felt good.

Luke ran his fingers through his hair, the heavy drop of my cum was scooped up onto his hand and with an absent minded gesture he wiped it against his shirt.

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