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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fitting Jacking Off into College Life

It is that time of year when lots of guys have to deal with the problem of how to fit masturbating into their lives in the dorm. The following is a description of some of my experiences of around the difficulty of finding opportunities to masturbate, there. During my first year of college, when I was living in the dorms, I was forced to masturbate infrequently, and in some locations and situations which were not conducive for achieving the maximum pleasure from the act. It was a frustrating, and less-than-ideal situation. It never occurred to me to talk to my three roommates about the problem. The four of us slept in a large single bedroom, and we all simply pretended that none of us masturbated.

At the beginning of my second year, one of the three roommates was changed. The new guy, Steve, brought some amazing changes to our sex-lives. He had been the youngest of several brothers, and had grown up sharing a large attic bedroom with older brothers. He had been exposed to the others masturbating for a number of years, and thought nothing of it. When he came into our little all-male family, he explained to us that he was straight, but that he had no intention of trying to hide his masturbation from the rest of us. He felt, because of his upbringing, that masturbating within sight of other guys was *not* an expression of homosexuality. He suggested that we all make an agreement that we could masturbate openly in the bedroom at anytime, that we would agree that it was not homosexual activity, and that we would agree not to attempt to touch each other. Well, we were pretty shocked, by his suggestion, but he was so bold (and certain) about it, that we reluctantly agreed that _he_ could do it in the bedroom, whenever _he_ wanted to.

Later, we three "original" roommates discussed the issue, and decided that the idea was a little "strange", and that we were not inclined to masturbate openly. The next day when I returned to the dorm, after classes, the dorm apartment seemed empty. The bedroom door was mostly closed, but not latched. When I moved toward it I could hear muffled noises of sexual activity. I gently pushed the door open and found Steve naked, on top of the covers of his bed, lying on his back, all lubed up, and stroking away. He was lying with his head towards the door, and seemed unaware of my presence. He was really into it. I had always been very restrained with my masturbation, not moving much, or breathing much, even when cumming, so I was mezmerized for a moment by his vigorous activity. Suddenly, I felt like a voyeur, or something, and, reclosing the door, retreated. I felt sexualy excited and went into the bathroom to jerk off.

Somehow, I was a little angry at Steve for his uninhibited ways. I was horny, but the bathroom now seemed sterile, and uncomfortable, and although I stroked, I didn't cum. Finally, I gave up, and left the bathroom. I couldn't resist looking into the bedroom again. Steve was there, sleeping on his back in innocent nakedness, with his hand around his slack cock, and a dotted wet trail of cum on his belly and chest. He looked so peaceful, and I thought that he was so liberated, because he wasn't concerned that someone might see him there, "like that". By the time the other roommates came home, there was no evidence that Steve had been masturbating, and the afternoon seemed ordinary. However, I was quite agitated at having seen him masturbating.

Late in the evening, after the others were asleep, and the lights were out, I could hear Steve masturbating again, this time, more quietly. His bed was on the lower level of the bunk, like mine and directly across from mine. I could see his naked body, on top of the covers, in the dim light from the window. As before, he was taking his time, drawing out his activities for a long time. This was so different from my own experiences. Watching him in the semi-darkness caused my own erection, and brought to mind my own unslated horniness. I wondered to myself whether it would be "ok" for me to masturbate in my bed. Steve had said it was ok with him, but I hadn't gotten my roommates' permission. ...but they were asleep. Very quietly, I pushed the covers down to my thighs, and shifted a little, so that I was lying on my back. My cock was standing straight out, and I could see it clearly in the light. I gave it a firm squeeze, and got a little precum, and rubbed it around a little, but soon felt very self-conscious, and covered myself again. As I lay there in modest, and frustrated, horniness, I could hear and see Steve's progress, and finally, I witnessed his orgasm. I was amazed and jealous of his "exhibitionism". I wondered why I wasn't like him...

I went class, the next morning, fighting a hard-on the whole time, caused by just thinking of the possibility of stroking it in front of the others. I knew that all I had to do was "do" it... So easy to _say_.... I knew that I would be back at the dorm first, before Steve. The others would return later. I was resolved that I would somehow make use of this new opportunity. When I went home, I immediately stripped and got myself comfortable and lubed, on my bed. I stroked in a leisurely manner, waiting for an audience. I was determined to "christen" a new way of being, on this very day. As I nervously kept myself just short of the brink of orgasm, waiting for the moment-of-truth, I was sure that my metamorphosis was at hand. I had left the bedroom door wide open. When I heard the key in the lock of the front door, my heart skipped a beat. I winced with regret as I heard the door opening. But, it was too late now. I could only hope it was Steve, and not one of the other roomies. I kept stroking, but eased the pressure on my cock, as I was about to explode. Steve walked into the bedroom, and sat on his bed, facing me, watching, with a slight smile on his face. Suddenly, I was shocked to find myself being taken over by a very powerful orgasm. My hips thrusted eagerly, and I let out a big groan, and bullets of jism shot over my head, and some landed on my face and neck. When I regained my senses, a little, and looked toward Steve, he was sitting there, smiling. He just said, "Nice shot," and started undressing. I was too wasted to move, but I was aware of his begining to masturbate, as I faded into a deep sleep. When I finally awoke, Steve, was still asleep, with cum tracks on his belly, and our other roommates were already home.

I quickly got dressed, and went out to the kitchen, with the others, trying to pretend that nothing unusual had happened. ...but I knew that the _truth_ was that *all* our lives had been changed by a guy named Steve. It _was_ difficult to get completely comfortable with masturbating openly, but after a time we all finally did. Looking back, it seems that the change was good for all of us, and it enhanced our lives. Steve was right. Masturbation deserves an important place in our lives, and it isn't something to hide, or be ashamed of. I wonder whether any of you have lived in dorm situations where open masturbation was permitted. Please tell us how it happened, and how it worked in your situation.

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