Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Monday, June 16, 2014

College Dorm

One of my best friends from high school also went to the same college. He lived two floors under me and we always hung around together. Anyway, he was a real jock type guy and always hung out in t-shirts that held really tight onto his body and loose fitting track shorts. They were always just short enough that when he sat the right way you could get a nice view of his Y fronts.

Typically, we'd just be hanging out bitching about girls, or school work or whatever. One time, I remember we'd both been single for a while and he came up to my room while I was working on a paper. I was sitting at my desk and he threw himself down on his back on my couch. He had his knees in the air and (as usual) the whiteness of his briefs was just visible covering his balls.

We chatted for a little bit. I knew the girl he liked and he knew the girl I was currently interested in. Anyway, I took off my glasses, stopped working and moved myself over to sit on the couch. I just happened to end up planting myself so that his legs were sort of spread around my torso. He didn't seem to make any effort to move himself though. I noticed through a sideways glance that the fabric of his underwear was starting to tighten.

I quickly changed the topic to sex. We started talking about our favorite bedtime activities (positions, etc...) and I noticed he was getting more excited. I started to tell him how my girlfriend liked to have her face fucked and he agreed that his liked it too. All through the conversation, I could see the outline of his dick growing inside his shorts.

Of course, I'd been sporting a tremendous hard on under my jeans since I'd first noticed his underwear peeking out from his shorts and knew that I'd be needing relief quickly. I asked him how he planned to take care of his erection. 'It would be a shame to let it go to waste' I told him.

I told him I wanted him to jerk off. I wanted us both to work our tension off together. He didn't respond so I moved into action.

I stood up and while keeping myslef between his legs walked aroudn the front of him so that he was sitting with his legs spread around me facing me. I put my hand on my hard cock which was now pressing against my Calvin's and my jeans and rubbed. "Let's play like this" I said and I ran my free hand up his thigh.

He kind of smiled indicating he wanted to but didn't say anything. I told him to slide down his shorts. He did and I could see that he was really hard through his white jockey Y fronts. After he slipped the shorts off from around his feet he placed his legs back around me.

"Let me see how you relieve yourself" I told him. He moved his hand down to his crotch and began to rub his balls slowly but with a lot of force. He closed his eyes and with his other hand began to rub his chest through his undershirt. At this, I began to get really hot and could feel pre cum soaking my shorts. I pulled my shirt up over my head and and started to rub my chest and my waist slowly letting my hand creep into the grey waistband of my Calvin's which was sticking out of my jeans.

He still had his hand solely occupied with his balls and the other was rubbing his chest in circles around his nipples. "Take off your shirt," I told him, "you know you want to touch your chest." He obeyed me and lifted off his shirt to reveal his broad shoulders, well defined pecs and smooth stomach. He began to really play hard with his nipples and even pinched them.

At this point, my dick had to be freed. I pushed his legs further apart and undid my belt, button and zipper on my jeans. I let the jeans fall down around my ankles adn then pulled his legs back up around me. I rubbed the length of my dick, up and down through the soft fabrick of my shorts. The dampness of my pre cum was starting to lubricate the already sensitive head. I could feel the cum boil inside me as I did this and watched my friend.

He was now fully hard and all 8 inches of him was straining to push out of the waistband of his jockies. He had let go of his chest and was now putting both hands to work on his manhood. He was grasping his cock and rubbing it up an down with one hand and he was lightly rubbing the underside of his balls through the fly of his tight whites with the other.

"Pull it out, " I said to him. He immediately adjusted his hips, opened the fly of his shorts and pulled his dick free while leaving his warm balls inside. I undid the two buttons on the front of my boxer briefs and let my 9 inch rod free, also leaving my balls inside.

I slid one hand inside of my shorts and fondled my balls while I cranked my now exposed dick hard with my free hand. He also began to quickly pump his swollen cock but now employed both hands on it. I knew we were both about to cum.

"Let's aim for each other" I said. He nodded.

The pumping continued and quickened. We were both breathing harder and faster. Soon my body was ready to let go. I arched my back pulled my hand down my dick, against my body and let the cum fly out. I shot it right onto his chest and down onto his dick and briefs as well. Almost as soon as he was able to rub some of my cum onto his pole he began to buck his hips and shot a massive load into the air which landed on my things and dripped down.

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