Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Thursday, July 31, 2014

From a past circle jerk.................

There were some serious abs and pecs as well as some exceptional low hangers and thick meaty dicks, both cut and uncut to stroke.  We had plenty of lube on hand, but there was enough precum flowing some guys were making their own.

To be the right fit, you should be athletic, masculine, under 40, discreet, no STDs, and be able to have decent people skills. Specifically, we are NOT looking for guys who obviously don't hit the gym or are over 40. Nothing against you guys who are, that's just a different set of stats than our group. Someone recently characterized the stats we are looking for as "gym bros", which would probably be an accurate description: Guys whose bodies show results and definition from the gym, but who you would never guess they'd ever grab another dude's cock and stroke it. 

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