Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tom met me at home after work. It was good to see him again and after he came in we spent a little while just catching up. I told him about some movies I had bought and a poll I had put online to determine which movie we should watch together and he insisted on jumping onto the blog to see the results. He thought it was the greatest thing that we had people rooting for us to jerk off together and wanted to pick the movie for us. A 500 cum shot compilation had won with a swinger comp second, so he said (and I'm quoting), "The people have spoken. Let the cum shots commence!" After I had regained my breath from laughing so hard, we headed into my bedroom for the screening.

Picture if you will the scene: At the head of the bed, all the pillows I could gather for us to prop ourselves up comfortably with our legs stretched out. On my nightstand was a bottle of lube, ready and waiting. On top of the bed spread were two towels I had laid out. That way we could relax without worrying about any mess we could make with the lube or our cum. At the foot of the bed was the television and DVD player. I had the four movies placed on his towel so Tom could see the box covers. Tom sat down and picked each one up to examine them.

"Damn, they all look good. Asia is fucking hot!" he said. "I wish we could see this one too."

"I doubt that we could last that long, buddy. There's always next time." I replied.

He sighed with mock regret. "So much porn so little time. Put in the cum shots and lets get started."

As he took of his shoes, I fired up the TV and DVD player. I joined him on the bed (he was on my right) and pressed play. After fast forwarding through all the bullshit phone sex lines (why do they bother with those? Does anyone really call those things anymore?) we got to the movie itself. Let me tell you they were not fucking lying. 500 cum shots in four hours? That works out to one hundred twenty five pops an hour. Which in turn breaks down to one every 30 seconds! Tom and I laid there and watched shot after shot of cocks creaming face after face. It was good but not great. My dick was twitching but not really getting hard. After about 20 minutes I gave a glance at Tom's jeans and didn't see the bulge I was used to seeing. I also realized that we weren't making the comments we usually made. Now mind you, we had seen about 50 loads blast by now. Bitches were getting iced on their lips and faces continuously.

"Is it me, or is this not really doing it." I asked.

"I think the problem is it's too fast. I don't get a chance to get into the scene before the guys cums and then BAM! next!" he answered. "I wish each one was about 2 minutes instead of 20 or 30 seconds. Let me see her really suck it or the guy fucking her before the cum shot, you know?"

"Exactly what I was thinking" (Now you see why he's my jerk off buddy. Great minds think perverted alike) "want to change to the second choice, the swinger one?"

"Yeah, do that"

So I stopped that movie and switched it for the swinger one. We had been porning it up for thirty minutes but had barely gotten hard either of us. I wanted some action! Settle back down, press play, fast forward through ads, start movie. The title was "You do my wife, and I'll do yours" and the first scene started in good fashion. A man and woman were sitting on a couch. Both had their legs spread open; she was being eaten out by a guy, while next to her, her husband was being sucked off by a woman. After a minute or so the couples switched places and went right back at it.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Tom said happily and opened the button to his pants and reached in.

My own cock began to swell as the scene continued. Finally some continuity instead of the fast cuts of the first movie. I watched getting hornier and hornier as dicks pounded cunts and moans and grunts came from the screen. I looked at Tom and could see the tent of his cock pressing against his jeans. All systems were go! When the two guys finally came on the women 15 minutes later I called out "spray that ass that's it!" my cock hard as a rock from the good fucking.

We watched another 2 scenes before Tom got up and took of his jeans to just be in his underwear. That was what I was waiting for (a polite host always waits for his guests LOL). I couldn't rip my pants off fast enough! Both of us were hard and our briefs couldn't hide the fact. Both looked like pup tents the way our dicks stood at attention. The counter on the DVD player said 45 minutes had passed. I did some quick calculations in my head and knew there wasn't time to watch the (four hour) movie at normal speed until the end before he had to go. By now we had both been hard about the same 30 minutes and I was ready to blow.

"T we only have about an hour and a half before you have to go and over 3 hours of the movie left. What if I fast forward each scene through the blow jobs and pussy licking and play at normal just the fucking and cumming?" I asked.

"Fine by me."

I took the remote in my left hand (my right had was busy rubbing my cock through my underwear) and sped 4x through the next scene until I saw a bitch bouncing on a cock and resumed normal speed. In the next half hour we saw four more scenes that way and went through almost 90 minutes of the movie. We were back on schedule. Somewhere while all this was happening Tom had pulled his cock out and was rubbing the head of it with the palm of his hand, sneaky bastard! His waistband was nestled up under his shaft so I couldn't see if his balls were swollen like mine. By the glow of the TV I stood up and took off my underwear. My dick was pointing straight out and quivering from my pulse pounding. I stretched out next to Tom again and opened the bottle of lube. I squirted some into the palm of my hand and coated my cock up gently. I was ready to shoot almost immediately! I spread my legs slightly and began to pump my hips up and down as I stroked my shaft. I know Tom was watching me as well as the movie and I loved it. I looked over at him.

"C'mon and join the party. Lube that bad boy up." I told him.

He raised his hips slightly and pulled his briefs all the way off and tossed them aside. He put some astroglide into his hand and rubbed it onto his rod. He made some involuntary moves with his hips and panted slightly as the sensation hit him. We spent the next 30 minutes stroking ourselves in relative silence. Except for our heavy breathing and the sounds of fucking from the screen we were too engrossed with our jerking to talk. I was edging continuously. Every few minutes I had to release my cock and let it just bob untouched while I fought not to cum. I was moaning and fucking the air. I would look over at Tom and see him stroking himself and sway his hips slightly. He seemed to be holding out better than I was. He applied more lube one or two times as the scenes continued. By the way, the movie was FUCKING HOT!!! I'm not doing it justice with my descriptions. For example, in one scene the two guys were fucking their own wives side by side doggy style and then both pulled out to have the opposite wife suck the pussy juice of her friend off of their cocks. Then they switched completely and fucked the others wife until they came. That scene, I noticed, had Tom pounding his cock really hard until he let go, edging.

The DVD had only 50 minutes until the end. I backed out to the menu screen with scene selections and saw there were 3 scenes left.

"Ok, we watch two of them at high speed until the fucking, and the last one normal and cum to that" I told Tom. "No way are we going to another movie. If I don't cum soon I'm gonna pass out."

"Definitely!" he replied fisting himself.

We did just that. When the final scene started I put the remote down and lubed up for the final time. I had been edging for over an hour. I don't know how I lasted that long. I've said it before. Jerking off with my buds is always better because having them there makes me wait until we can shoot together. It's as if they give me the mental strength to resist letting go. (Tom has told me it's the same for him - when he's home alone watching he cant last as long either.) The final scene had two really hot, big titted women giving blow jobs to their men. Slurping and moaning as they rubbed themselves, I was ecstatic with the realization that I would finally be able to cum! I was barely touching myself. I could cum at anytime Tom said go, so I watched him for the telltale signs. His eyes were glued to the screen and he stroked himself steadily. On screen, the women were getting fucked side by side on the floor.

"Okay, lets do it" Tom said and rolled over off of the bed, to get back on it on his knees.

I knelt right next to him and began to softly work my dick. I still wanted to cum with the guys on screen as well as him. I asked if he was close.

"Almost but not quite. I need something...." he added a little more lube. His cock was gleaming with the glide. He fisted himself faster.

So I began to talk.

"C'mon man work that cock. You know she wants to see it" I told him while I rubbed my cock faster too. "You going to cum for her? You going to shoot all over those big tits?"

"Yes" he whispered.

"Pump your cock faster!" I ordered "She wants to see you shoot, c'mon shoot that cum" I was pounding my dick harder too but somehow I knew I could hold out until I needed to. I had entered "the zone" and was in total dick control.

"Yes" he whispered again, stroking furiously. He was fucking his fist savagely, his body working back and forth.

"I'm warning you, I'm going to cum all over the place." I told him. "yelling and screaming my head off. You gonna cum with me? Are you going to cum for her, for them" I asked him referring to the bitch on screen getting drilled from behind. "Are you going to shoot on her ass?"

"Yeah" he said.

"I can't fucking hear you! Are you going to cum for her? Pound that cock, pound it! Speak up dammit! Are you gonna spray?"

"Yes!" he said louder. "Yes, I'm gonna spray my cum all over that fucking bitch!" he gasped.

"C'mon T cum, cum for her c'mon cum cum cum!" I ordered, my eyes on him and his dick. I was ignoring the movie, I didn't need it to cum anymore. I needed my bud to let loose so I could; I wasn't cumming without him. "They want to see it. They want to see you shoot all your hot cum. Look at that one, she's looking at you. She wants to feel your hot cum on her tits, c'mon cum on 'em. Shoot, shoot, shoot!"

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over them, you watch!" he said loudly. " All over her fucking tits!"

"She wants your cum T, your hot gooey cum..."

"Yours too man, she wants yours. Were gonna cum on her together, right, together..."

"Yeah I'm gonna cum on her too buddy, all over her tits; were gonna soak that bitch, were gonna drown her in cum. Keep poundin' it, keep poundin' it. Work that cock man, work it!"

It was hot narrating like this. We usually talked to the screen and each other but not like this. I was really getting off in telling TP what to do and what the bitches wanted from us. TP was really into it now. We were both sweating and panting with exertion as we got ready to blow.

"I'm gonna cum so hard. I'm gonna cum like a hose man." I told Tom "That's it bitch get ready for all this cum" I told the babe on screen who was grabbing and rubbing her tits as a cock slid in and out of her snatch. Her knockers were huge and shiny with bright hard nipples that she was tweaking. "T, were gonna coat those fucking tits so bad..." I grunted, pumping away.

"Oh oh oh I'm gonna, I'm gonna," he warned.

"Gonna cum?"

"oh yeah"

"Gonna cum?!?!?"

"OH YEAH!!!!!!"

"GONNA CUM??!????!?!" I screamed at him my hand pounding my cock like a piston.

"yes! yes! YES!!!! NOW! NOW! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he yelled as his orgasm hit.

I came at almost the same time. I'm not entirely sure because for a few seconds I was cumming so hard I was in convulsions. My cum sprayed and sprayed all over the towels I put down. (Thank god we were side by side and not facing each other. We would have ended up coating each other!!) I saw colors flash before my eyes as I groaned and yelled my way to heaven. I felt my cum flow out of my shaft in stream after stream of thickness. I watched his cum pump like a hose, hot steaming ropes of semen, all over the towel to mix with mine.

"YEAH! YEAH! PUMP IT!" he yelled at me, still cumming his load, his body undulating as he fucked the air. "GET IT ALL! GET IT ALL!"

What could I do? I followed orders and rubbed and rubbed as semen kept flowing out of our cocks. We kept stroking and moaning and moaning and stroking, wave after wave of pleasure flowing though us as we finished ourselves off. I felt the cum all over my hand as I slowed to a stop with my fisting. I was drenched with sweat and gasping for air as if I had spent the last hour working out at the gym instead of jerking off. I fell backwards onto my back with Tom right besides me. Our lower legs ended up on the towels right in the pools of cum, but dammit I didn't care. I was so exhausted I just lay there panting and twitching.

"oh... my... god... that was the best orgasm I've had in weeks, maybe months" I told Tom. "Thanks for coming over, I always last longer when you're here with me."

His eyes were wide and staring at the ceiling. I could see his cock was just starting to soften (mine was as well), and a single cum drop was visible on the head of it. His head rolled over and he smiled. "Thanks for inviting me" he said simply.

On screen the movie had ended. We never saw the guys on screen cum (at least I didn't) but we didn't care. It couldn't have looked better than the two of us blasting away. I shut it off and closed my eyes. We laid there for a minute then got up. He hit the bathroom to clean up while I gathered up the cum catcher towels (which we absolutely coated for only two guys. I wish I had taken a picture!) and put them in the laundry to wash before my wife came home the next day. He came back into the bedroom his cock dangling happily and got dressed while I went to the bathroom and got myself straightened up.

By the time I cam out he was almost ready to go. I threw on some clothes and walked him to the door. He shook my hand and grinned.

"Always a pleasure to come over." he told me. "We have to do this again soon"

"Always a pleasure to have you over." I replied with a smirk. "Next time your house. I'll bring the other two movies."

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