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Friday, April 17, 2015

My roomate

 Okay, my first bi experience came during my freshman year in college, with my roommate. It took several months for something to actually happen between us. His name is Tom and he is a swimmer. We had a third roommate who dropped out early in the year so that left the two of us. I slept on the top of the bunk bed and he slept in the single bed. The lower bunk was kind of a couch for our friends. 

He had this totally hot girlfriend Katie. We both used to walk around the naked alot when it was warmer out, or at least in just our boxers. He had a great chest from swimming. I play soccer so I have really muscular legs. He is about 6'with a broad smooth chest, just a happy trail. I am 5'10" 165 with hairy legs and a nice chest too. We are both hung, about 9" each. we both seemed to take pride in showin it off. I am uncut which Tom had never seen before. 

Early in the year we would each jack off in our beds in the morning pretending not to notice the other person was awake. He used to jerk off and wipe it up with his underwearand leave the wet boxers in the middle of the floor when he would go off to shower. I used to pick them up and taste the cum. I would leave mine laying around too, although I was never sure if he did anything with them. 

Sometimes I used to like to wear his underwear. Especially if they had dried cum on them. 

He used to bring his girlfriend Katie over sometimes and sneak her into the room at night. He would fuck the hell out of her while I was sleeping in my bed. At first they tried to be quiet but after a while they didnt care. She used to sit on his big cock and ride up and down, her tits bouncing all over the place. 

Sometime when he was fucking her I would jerk off in my bed listening to them. She would moan and he would gently coax her along. One time I was strokin my cock listening to them and rolled over to try to take a peak. She was down on him sucking his cock. I was slightly surprised to see him staring right at me as she sucked him. He was moaning loudly while looking right at me. I totally blew a load all over my bed while we stared right at each other. 

We never said anything to each other about that night. 

A couple of weeks after that. I came in the room and Tom and Katie were cuddled up in his bed watching TV. We all got atlking and somehow came on the topic on 3somes. Katie said she would love to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time. We were both a little hesitant to start. I went and sat on the bed with the two of them. Toms hands were between her legs. She started rubbing her hips up and down into his hand. I started to rub her tits and kiss her on the neck. Tom pulled her shorts down and started eating her out. She reached over nad pulled my cock out of my shorts. It was right in Toms face as hse stroked it. Then she leaned over and started to suck me. She started to maon for Tom to fuck her. So he moved between her legs and inserted his cock. She maoned as she sucked my cock. Then she asked us to switch. I fucked her while Tom got sucked off. It was hot. 

I was so exicted that I blew my load pretty quickly. Tom followed suit pretty quickly, cumming all over Katies face. She swallowed a bit of it. It was hot. 

The next night we were each alone in our beds and I could hear him jerking off. I rolled and looked at thim. He had the sheets pulled down and his big cock sticking straight up. I was so hard. Istatrted humping my mattress. "It was opretty hot last night bro" I said. "Fuck yeah, I wish Katie was here now so we could do it again" Tom maoned. He was so hot laying there. One arm behind his head one on his cock. "We dude we could jerk off together" I said, "Hot" Tom replied. 

So I went and laid next to him on his bed. We were both stroking our cocks. 
"So dude, you're uncut huh?" he said staring at it. "I've never seen one before" 

"I like it" I said, "I can slide my foreskin up and down over my head. 

"Thats hot dude, how far can you pull your skin over your head" 

I slide it over and showed him. He seemed toatly enthralled by my foreskin. "It slides back and forth easily?" He asked. 

"Yaeh dude, you can try it if you want" "Alright" he said. So he reached over and started to slide it back and forth, stroking my cock. I was so had I could have blown right there into his hand. He was looking right at. It felt so good. I rolled my head back and let him stroke me. Suddenly I felt his tongue licking the head of my cock. 

It was so hot. He was poking his tongue into my foreskin, licking mt swollen head. I let out a big moan. He then slide my skin back and tasted my whole head, slliding more and more of my cock into his mouth. He flipped around and put his cock by my face. I licked his big hard cock and tried to take it in. 
It got my so excited I blew my load all over Tom's face. That turned him on and he came right on my face. It tatsed so good. It was so hot.

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