Two buds enjoying some m2m time

Friday, April 17, 2015


I had built a bromance with my buddy, we’ll call him Jake, to protect the innocent. Jake and I have been friends for about 10 years now, so at the time of this story, we had been friends for around 7 years (through those incredible puberty years!); in a bromance for 3 or 4. Our bromance really began after most of our mutual friends had gone off to college, but the two of us stayed in our home town. We had always been close – our personalities were very similar, so we tended to hang together, even in our group of friends, but the loneliness just heightened our bond. Our group of friends never had an issue with nudity. We all played sports together, which led to a lot of naked locker room time together. We normally ended up skinny dipping, no matter which bros pool we ended up partying at, and there was always plenty of dick flashes, fruit bowls, and moons flying around when we were together.
Once everyone was gone, it was just natural course for Jake and I to end up naked – the only difference now, was that it was just the two of us. Naked. Together. This quickly grew our bond, and our bromance. I will fast forward through the months of building that bromance, to the night of my story. The day was spent shooting hoops, followed by the two of us in my bathroom, showering (separately) and getting ready to go out. Although we were not in the shower together, there was plenty of conversation through the clear glass shower enclosure while we each washed off the days sweat, followed by 20 minutes of the two of us standing in front of the mirror naked, fighting over the very small vanity space, while we “primped”.
After a night at our favorite bar, we ended up back at my place (still living with my parents at that point), naked in the pool. Mom and dad were pretty used to us guys being naked out there, so they just stayed out of our way, and did their own thing. It was a chilly night, and we ended up wrestling around in the pool, to try to keep warm. I’m not even gonna try to lie and tell you I didn’t get a bit aroused… because I did. I had been thinking about, and laying the groundwork to jerking off with Jake for quite awhile, and on this night it was strong on my mind! I looked down in the water, and saw that Jake was also hard – or so I thought. One side note, that I hadn’t mentioned – Jake was about 6’2″, 170lbs of lean muscle, GREAT ass (he was a soccer player), with a 9″ dick. Literally. So, as a “lead-in” to my fantasy of jerking together, I reached down and grabbed his dick, and said, “look who’s got a bone!”. The joke was on me – Jake didn’t have a boner. What I saw was just his huge shlong, floating up, looking like a bone. We both got a good laugh from that, and he beamed with pride, at the size of his manhood (as he always did). After a few more minutes in the pool, Jake said he was cold, and wanted to go get in a hot shower. We grabbed our towels, didn’t even bother drying off, and ran in to my bathroom. As Jake took a piss, I opened the shower door, and turned on the water. I was leaning in, testing the water, when I felt Jake’s hand on my lower back, just at the top of my ass, really – definitely in a spot that only a true bro would be allowed to touch. “Hurry up, dude! Let’s get in!!”, was all he said, as he slapped my ass and pushed me into the shower. While we had showered together plenty of times at school, we had never been in the shower together at home! I was SO glad it was his idea. Sometimes I felt like I was always the one initiating those moments when we did something a bit “further”. My shower was the perfect size – big enough for two, but small enough that the occasional touch was inevitable, and it had a bench along one whole side, just big enough for two. Jake got under the shower first. His back was to me, and I stood with my semi just inches from his crack. He backed up, as he leaned in to rinse shampoo from his hair, and my dick landed firmly in his ass crack. While I’m freaking out in my head, all he says is “hey there, big guy! Buy me dinner first??” It was that kind of humor that made our friendship so great. I washed his back, then he washed mine – taking it further, and washing my bubble butt, too. We did a bit of dancing around, fighting over the stream of hot water, with no inhibitions about our bodies touching. Eventually, we sat down on the bench, and began talking about life, while I had the shower wand, and moved the water back and forth between us. As the conversation got deeper, I decided to open the door to my fantasy just a bit further. I’ll be honest with you – I never thought it would actually happen.
As much time as Jake and I had spent naked together, believe it or not, I had never seen him fully hard without something covering it – shorts, underwear, a blanket… I looked down at his freshly shaved crotch, and noticed he had his typical “semi”, which was several inches longer than mine when fully erect. “Geez, bro”, I said, “seriously, just exactly how big does that monster get?!” Great question, right? It allowed him a couple of options in answering, without creating an uncomfortable situation. He could simply tell me how long it gets, or he could show me. The question was not outside of our normal conversations – his answer, however, could take us somewhere new. And it did. At first he just kind of giggled, (we were both still a bit drunk), and did his normal “tug” on it, that he was famous for doing. Rather than giving up, I took the shower wand and started spraying him. I started on his chest and shoulders, causing him to lean his head back a bit and close his eyes. I took that as my cue, and directed the water spray down his abs. His dick bounced once. I sent the spray down his left leg first, back up to his abs, then down his right leg. His dick bounces again. He took his hands off his thighs, to rest them on the bench to each side – except that we were thigh to thigh, so his left hand ended up on my right thigh. I continued this path, going up and down his body, from shoulders to feet – carefully leaving his massive meat out of the equation. “That feels amazing”, he said in almost a groan. With each pass, his dick bounced, so I pushed further. “It’s the anaconda dance down there!”, I chuckled in a bit more than a whisper. On that note, he started flexing his cock. Up and down, up and down – but it’s still not really getting beyond a semi-erection, which is frustrating me. I handed him the shower wand, and leaned across him to grab the shower gel. Touching him enough in the process, to test the water, but not so much as to make it awkward. I think he expected me to start soaping him up, but I wasn’t sure, so I began soaping my own chest, down to my abs and clean shaved crotch, and semi-hard dick. Almost immediately his dick popped up and landed in that V between the upper thigh and stomach. It quickly hardened and stood almost perfectly straight up his abs, beyond his belly button, as he leaned back on the bench.

I could not believe this was finally happening between me and my bromance! I had waited for this moment for years, and it was really happening. “Well, that answers that question, I suppose”, was all I could manage to say at that point. Without another word, we each began stroking, our thighs touching in that steamy shower. Feeling emboldened, I reached over and gently rubbed Jakes abs, working my way down to his smooth-as-a-babies-butt pube area, while he continued stroking. “God this feels good”, he moans to me, and we continue jerking off together. I took that as approval of my touch, and grabbed the base of his thick shaft. He moved his hands to his thighs, leaned his head back and closed his eyes, as I slowly stroked up and down on his 9″ raging hard-on. After a minute or two, Jake reached over and grabbed my dick and began stroking. It felt so amazing to have my best bro, my closest friend, my bromance, stroking my cock. As he got close to orgasm, he took back his cock, and began feverishly jerking with his right hand, as his left reached down toward his asshole. We came together, almost exactly at the same time. Jake shot clear up to his shoulder, while mine only made it to my nipple. (of course we compared our shots!) After a few moments leaning against one another, we stood up, washed each other down (suddenly not afraid to wash each others dick and balls), and went off to bed. 

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