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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baseball BUDS

Russ was looking forward to baseball practice. Actually, he wasn't as much looking as forward to the practice as the fact that he was going to be with Jeremy.

He got there a bit early. He had arranged a few kids who were really good and sexy (though he hadn't said that) at baseball to help him on a Saturday.

He was in his ball clothes, so he went straight to the field to start. He had also brought a change of clothes in case he got really dirty.

Three boys were there.

Jeremy, who he had not only considered the best player, but the sexiest, too, was on first base. Jeremy had this deep, almost sexy voice. He also had a beautiful hairless chest.

James, who he thought was probably a senior, a pretty good player whom Russ had thought to be well hung. He was pitching.

Finally, Justin, who had an Asian-American air about him, and also seemed well endowed. He was in outfield.

Russ had chosen boxers under his loose jeans, hoping Jeremy would see it.

James pitched a normal underhand which Russ hit towards Justin, who had fortunately missed it, but recovered and quickly caught it. Justin threw the ball to Jeremy, and Russ slid onto first facing up. Jeremy was looking down at him, with a hard on which Russ noted.

"Hey, while you're down there, gimme a blowjob."

Everyone, including Russ laughed, but only Russ knew that he thought the joke was erotic.

Russ got up and went to bat again and hit more of a pop up which James missed and Russ slid, kneeling almost, onto the base. Jeremy looked down.

"What? Back already?"

Russ' hard on got more prominent as he walked back.

This time, Russ hit a double and ran to second and was in almost a split as he got there.

Justin got back quickly and looked down at Russ.

"Hey. I think he's trying to say something here."

Again laughter from all four.

This went on with Russ getting to the base in almost always a different position every time. And every time, a new comment, always sexual. They played about two hours and everyone but Jeremy went home.

"Hey Jeremy, Why don't you go home now?"

"Man, I'm sapped of energy and I'm only about a mile from here. I walked here."

Russ noted that both their clothes were dirty from all Russ' sliding.

"Why don't we shower in the locker room? Looks like we both need it and it might bring back some energy."

"okay. I got spare clothes in my bag. I didn't know you slid so much, though."

They walked to the locker room and stripped naked. By this time, Russ' hard on had subsided. They went to the showers and Russ got a couple bars of soap.

"Here ya' go," he said as he threw the soap.

Jeremy caught it.

"Nice throw."

They lathered up and Russ felt his erection returning. He quickly turned his nozzle to cold and it went back.

Russ tried to slowly look over Jeremy's crotch and saw a huge foot-long monster being lathered and slowly stroked. Jeremy looked at Russ, who had quickly turned away, but whose cock was hard.

Jeremy asked innocently, "Uh, hey Russ?"

"Yeah?," he said still back turned to Jeremy.

"Why, uh, exactly did you arrange this practice."

"I needed it."

"Any other... Special reason?"


"Your cock says otherwise. Would you care to say that again, looking me in the eye?"

Russ turned and looked directly at Jeremy's eyes, trying to will his hard on to subside unsuccessfully.

"I arranged this practice because I needed you, er, it."

"You're gay, aren't you?"

"Well, bi, more of."

"Is that why you slid into all those positions? You want to jack off together?

Russ meekly nodded.

Jeremy perked up.

"Well then... Do you want it?," he asked waving his huge dick.

Russ again nodded.

"Well, then, COME and get it."

Russ went over to Jeremy and went down on him, taking just the head and playing with it. Jeremy moaned and decided to sit on the stone bench. Russ followed and once he sat, spread his legs to let Russ at it.

Russ took his hand and started to stroke Jeremy, who moaned in ecstasy.

"I'm gonna come," he strained.

Jeremy teased his buddy’s balls and it was too much for Russ. Russ shot a good load which Jeremy took on his chest.

"Now Jeremy, stand up." The huge load of jizz slowly ran down his abs.

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